Escaping spaces of "literal string" without quotes? Placeholders?

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Escaping spaces of "literal string" without quotes? Placeholders?

Post by JsEveryDay » Thu Feb 27, 2020 3:28 am

Just stumbled on Everything and I'm amazed, I have missed out all this years.
This tool seems to be file/metadata oriented but still is incredible, love the speed and the preview pane.

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path:C:\myNotes utf8content:"git init"
I simply want to search thru my notes folder, which is less than 200 files (js, md, sh, ts), nothing else, so speed is still great.
According to the docs, the only way to escape space is to " ", how can you make a bookmark of that? or macro?

I simply want to hit a hotkey and search freely for text, just like locate32
Is there a way to make the cursor/ready to type directly inside the quotes, like
content:"|" or have a placeholder

and x=text you're looking for
Reviewed all of these too viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4239#p10098 nothing matches my scenario.
Hoping this is possible (has to be), don't want to give up on this app.

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Re: Escaping spaces of "literal string" without quotes? Placeholders?

Post by void » Fri Feb 28, 2020 2:25 am

Thank you for your feedback.

There's currently no shortcut to enter literal text, you will need to use double quotes: " ".
I'll consider consider adding one, thanks for the suggestion.

I've added a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Space to insert a literal space in a future release of Everything.
A shortcut to insert "" and position the caret in the middle might be useful... Added to my TODO list. This could be done with a third party tool like Autohotkey.
A modifier to treat all input as literal might be useful... Added to my TODO list.

You only need one opening quote and the rest of the text will be treated as literal, eg:
utf8content:"git init

Is the same as:
utf8content:"git init"

You might like to try the Advanced Search under the Search menu.
All text in the Advanced Search window is treated as literal.
A shortcut to the advanced search window can be created from Tools -> Options -> Keyboard -> Search | Advanced Search...

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