PLEASE Modify the Run Count Feature!!

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PLEASE Modify the Run Count Feature!!

Post by HungerFreeze » Mon Jul 13, 2020 9:05 pm

I am begging you, Mr. Developer but can you fix the run count feature. The run count feature is one of the best parts of Search Everything. I always sort my searches based upon run count. And, I can set the run count files and folders so they appear in a certain order.

HOWEVER, the run count is constantly getting reset to 0 for files for various reasons. For example, if I change the file name by one letter, the run count is automatically reset. I don't notice it, of course, and the next time I'm looking for it, it's all the way at the bottom because it doesn't have a run count. Another example is if the parents folders are changed, then the run count is reset. Now, I know this is might be a hard problem to solve but it resets everything after the parent folder! Another example is that I will search for something and then I find that it's a parent folder of a search result and I double-click it and the folder opens. Voila! But, wait! The run count doesn't increase for the folder because it was the parent folder of a search result. So, to find that folder next time, I always have to think about what files would be in it, rather than the name of the folder.

Is there a way to have the run counts on files and folders be a bit stickier. It would save me so much time as the files that I truly use a lot stays at the top. I am truly begging on my knees for some benevolence, my dear, kind God.

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Re: PLEASE Modify the Run Count Feature!!

Post by NotNull » Mon Jul 13, 2020 9:36 pm

Did you know that you can manually set a runcount when a file "fell off"?
(Menu:File > Set Run Count or through the right-click contextmenu)

I use that quite often when I know that I will need some file often in the near future. I just give it a runcount=1000 and when no longer needed, reset it to 0.

Maybe that can help you for now (I suspect this feature/ these features will be quite complicated to implement).

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Re: PLEASE Modify the Run Count Feature!!

Post by void » Tue Jul 14, 2020 9:17 pm

Run History is case insensitive.
Currently, run counts will follow the filename, not the file.
if I change the file name by one letter, the run count is automatically reset.
Are you renaming the files from within Everything?
I'll look into keeping the run count for files renamed in Everything.

It would not work for external renames since most programs when saving will write out a temporary file and rename to overwrite a existing file. This process would end up overwriting your run count with 0.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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