Hide Items in results (temporarily)

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Hide Items in results (temporarily)

Post by creatorbri » Thu Mar 05, 2020 5:26 pm

In order to focus on the most relevant results in a larger matching result set, I want a right-click option to "Hide Items" (or maybe "Hide Selected Items").

This could be implemented many different ways, but the simplest and most straightforward and intuitive is probably something like this:
  • An internal list of "hidden" items is created in memory (or some cache or other)
    • Any files currently cached in the "hidden" list are excluded from the results, even if they match the search criteria
  • Add a "Hide Items" option to the Right-Click context menu on result items
    • When "Hide Items" clicked, the right-clicked & other selected files are added to the "hidden" list and thus removed from the visible results list
    • Add a menu option to "Show Hidden Items" which when clicked, manually empties the "hidden" list even if the search hasn't changed
  • When the Search string (or any search options) changes, the hidden list is cleared and all matching files are displayed again

Note: The inspiration for this feature comes from WinMerge; I use this feature constantly and regularly find myself looking for such an option in Everything!

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Re: Hide Items in results (temporarily)

Post by void » Fri Mar 06, 2020 6:19 am

Thanks for the "Hide items" suggestion.

I have on my TODO list to add "temporary excludes".

The current planned design is:
Right click a file and click temporary exclude.
Right click a folder and click temporary exclude to exclude the selected folder and all subfolders and subfiles.
From an Index menu, the option to enable or disable the temporary exclude list.
From an Index menu, the option to clear the temporary exclude list.

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