pathlen: function

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pathlen: function

Post by therube » Wed May 25, 2016 11:20 am

pathlen: function.

Are we able to do that?
The combined <length> of a folder+filename.

Currently len: will find files OR folders of <length>.

But that does not find (combined) folder+file lengths.

Far too often I'll run into MAX_PATH issues (can you believe it, in 2016 & this is common!).
len: has its function, but can only do so much.
You can change len: values & maybe find what you want; >260, >255, >244, or back it down even more; >210, kind of thing, but that can still miss a lot if say the folderlen=180 & the filenamelen=180, so with that, pathlen=360, but as is now, there's now way to determine just what the combined folderlen+filenamelen is.
Ah, nevermind!
I was pretty sure we had done this before, but when I just tested, I had a space between the path: & len: functions (path: len:>244), which does not work, but "path:len:>XXX" does - ... =2&p=12909

(259 seems to be the "magic" number, path:len:>259 file:. At 258 you're still probably OK, but above that, things are more apt to break.
Naming Windows Files - Restrictions and Limitations
Now to find an efficient way to rename such files...)

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Re: pathlen: function

Post by dolivanu » Tue May 19, 2020 1:51 pm

This forum is awesome! The application too, of course.

I was wondering how to detect long paths (>259 characters) in network shared folders (SMB/CIFS), as some users create long folder structures that make filenames too long. We are in 2020 and this is still a problem in Windows. Windows 10 adds some support por long panths exceeding 259-limit, but only for applications explicitly supporting them, so many not-so-old applications (and many modern ones) are unable to handle such long paths. This is extremely valuable in my case, as critical software like backup doesn't work well with long paths.

Other solutions I have tried, apart from custom scripts, involves using Total Commander plugins (Filename_ChrCount), but network shares with millions of files could take hours to be fully scanned. Using Everything with its index database takes just 2-3 seconds!

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Re: pathlen: function

Post by therube » Tue May 19, 2020 3:23 pm

If you've indexed the share (Folder Index), then it works the same way,


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