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Show extension more clearly

Post by faroe2k9 » Fri May 06, 2016 4:28 pm

I do a lot of graphic designing with Adobe Illustrator, and saves these as JPG or PDF when showing to a customer.

I save the filename as the same filename, ex. P520 50x70 poster - and as jpg: P520 50x70 poster U1.jpg

i have the fastpictureviewer codecs to show me both illustrator files and jpg when using Everything to search for files and showing them as thumbnails. This it totally awesome!

But - i want to quickly see if i have marked the AI or the JPG file.

Therefore i suggest that - when using the view > preview options - the extension of the marked file should be seen in top right with a clearly and large fontsize.

That would be awesome!!

Thank you again David for such a cool program! I use it everyday in my working life. It is so unbelievably fast.

kind regards

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