efu lists: visual cue in results + search set of efu files

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efu lists: visual cue in results + search set of efu files

Post by regios » Tue Feb 16, 2016 11:41 pm

First request: When efu file lists are included in the default search index (options > indexes > file lists) add a visual cue for items from the file lists in the search results. Perhaps a light color background.

A second request concerning efu file lists:
I request a mode that searches across a set of file lists (but no other files/folders not in any of those lists). For example say that we have a folder with 15 efu files where each one is an index for some external storage e.g. blu ray discs. This mode would search the combined contents of all those efu file lists.

This mode fills a gap since in that we can already search file lists together with the main search index (above) and we can also search one single file list exclusively by loading it. The requested mode would be exclusive search over a set of file lists.

Entry to that mode could be drag and drop of multiple efu files on the Everything window. Or a special folder that is set in options and then the mode is toggled on/off with menu command or hotkey.

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