Request: folder navigation mode for efu file lists

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Request: folder navigation mode for efu file lists

Post by regios » Tue Feb 16, 2016 11:23 pm

The .efu file list feature can be used to index portable harddrive or other storage units. Add a folder navigation mode so Everything can better replace disk cataloging tools like Virtual Volumes View, Cathy or Disk Explorer.

We can currently index different drives/discs and save each index as a separate .efu file.
I request a mode when an efu file is loaded where we can navigate up/down the folder tree structure of the file list.

Everything could reuse a minimal set of navigation controls from Explorer. For example
- Enter or doubleclick on a folder navigates to that folder and list its contents (without recursing into subfolders)
- Alt+Up navigates to the parent folder
- Alt+left/right moves back/forward in the history of browsed folders

The search box text would in this mode only filter files in the folder the user currently is in.
A hotkey like ctrl+enter could be reserved for what today happens when we press enter on a folder e.g. try to open it in Explorer.
A file path field could in this mode (only in this mode) appear between the search box and the filelist and we could click a part of the path to jump to it (similar to Explorer)

Give Everything a menu item (and hotkey) to toggle between this folder navigation mode and the regular mode when a file list is loaded. Make the difference between the modes clear by changing the background color of Everything when in the folder navigation mode.

We can in a way already manually navigate folders like this by manually putting something like this in the search box
"C:\a\b" !"C:\a\b\*\*"
but that is a very impractical way to navigate the folder structure.

The navigation mode requested can be understood as code that applies such a search filter invisibly in the background when a user doubleclicks or presses enter on the folder C:\a\b , change to invisible filter "C:\a\" !"C:\a\*\*" when the user presses Alt+Up, and so on.

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