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Allow Option For SearchEdit Cursor Positioning Mode

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:30 pm
by therube
Allow Option For SearchEdit Cursor Positioning Mode

Suggestion: Option (toggle) to make tabbing from SearchEdit to ResultList & back again, to either focus to the last cursor position (in SearchEdit) or to place focus across the entire SearchEdit field.

There was a "feature" (bug) in .416, that when you tabbed from ResultList to SearchEdit, that the cursor was set to the last character position when you left SearchEdit.

Previously, & currently in .421, when you tab between the two areas, the entire SearchEdit line is highlighted.

When i first saw this in .416 (which was just about immediately), I thought to myself, "man, now I'm going to have to do something like Ctrl+A to highlight the entire line before making my change to SearchEdit".

But, instead I found that it turned out to be highly useful given the particular searches I happened to be doing.

I had a SearchEdit similar to: "searchstring M:\ !.jpg !.jpeg"

What .416 did was to, in a way, allow me to have "presets" in a very convenient manner. I only wanted to search a particular drive, M:, & I wanted to do a little filtering, excluding pictures. So typing 'searchstring', then TABing to the ResultList, when I returned to SearchEdit, cursor was positioned just after the 'g' of 'searchstring', allowing me to hit Shift+Home & immediately type in my new search string without affecting my "presets".

So the second time through I could have something like: "mynewsearch M:\ !.jpg !.jpeg". The cursor would be sitting just after the 'h' of 'mynewsearch' from where I could TAB to ResultList. And then TAB back to SearchEdit, Shift+Home, type in my next search ...

Yes, I could have started with things reversed: "M:\ !.jpg !.jpeg searchstring" & then when TABing from ResultList to SearchEdit, hit End, then backspaced over 'searchstring', but that is not as efficient.

So a bug it may have been, but a feature it can be too :-).

PS: This is truly an incredibly useful little utility.

Re: Allow Option For SearchEdit Cursor Positioning Mode

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2009 2:02 pm
by David
I have added the following Everything.ini option for next release:

List of modes when the search edit receives focus:
0 Do nothing (use previous caret position and selection).
1 Move caret to end and remove selection.
2 Move caret to end and select all.

This option will eventually be added the option window GUI...

Re: Allow Option For SearchEdit Cursor Positioning Mode

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:49 am
by therube
Excellent, thanks :-).