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Chain ETP Servers and Searches

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 6:32 pm
by amomp3
First of asking i want to really thank you for this awesome program and to share your intelligence with all.
Most people uses their intelligence for bussiness or dominating other intelligences and sooner or later that could only lead to crisis. So thank you for your choice of sharing your ideas for the benefit of all.

:idea: Great ideas conducted make great humans !

Well, the ask...

I have a Local LAN in my home and i have my Everything master PC on (on DMZ) (From now on by its name [Thor]) connected to Everything on (From now on by its name [ishtar]) where i have mp3, moviez and media.

On [Thor] i have to put a shortcut on StartUP menu with the -connect option to [ishtar] to achieve 2 things:

1 - Be able tu use abreviated keyboard shortcuts (that in windows only work if the shortcut is somewhere in Start Menu or on Desktop)

2 - Connect to the ETP on [ishtar] everytime (cause of the missing option to remain connected)

In my workplace and in my work Notebook i would like to do the same procedure but it would be awesome if when i add my public ip address to the shortcut to connect to [Thor] i could find results from the machine where i am plus [Thor] plus [ishtar] too ! because [Thor] was already connected to [ishtar]...

Sorry for my english, i hope made myself clear...
Greatings from Argentina !

Re: Chain ETP Servers and Searches

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:48 am
by David
Combining multiple ETP servers and the local NTFS volumes into one list is currently not possible.

"Everything" is limited to listing one database at a time.

Adding this feature and having it available real-time would require a complete rewrite of "Everything".

I have plans to add custom file lists to the next release of "Everything".
With this you can include remote databases with the local databases.
However you will need to manually update theses databases.

For example, you would be able to copy the Everything.db created by "Everything" from Thor and ishtar and include them with your local database.