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User List Suggestion

Post by borbo117 » Thu Sep 22, 2022 3:08 pm

i don’t speak English. Sorry for suggesting through a translator :|

The suggestion is to create your own list and use it in conjunction with 'Always show search suggestions' under 'Enable search history'.

In the same way as a bookmark, if you create a group called 'apple=apple|mango|berry' and search for 'mango', the results of 'apple, berry, mango' are output. After this you will see search suggestions

thank you

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Re: User List Suggestion

Post by void » Fri Sep 23, 2022 7:07 am

Thank you for your post borbo117,

I will consider an option to add to your search history from within the Everything user interface.
Thank you for your suggestion.

For now, please try the following:
  • Exit Everything (File -> Exit)
  • Open your Search History.csv in "%APPDATA%\Everything" with Excel.
  • Add your new search to the end of the list, set the search count to a high number and leave the last search date blank, for example:
Use Ctrl + Space to show search suggestions.

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