Searching in previous search results

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Searching in previous search results

Post by clarkjohnken » Wed Mar 11, 2020 4:16 am

Hi! I'm wondering if there is an option of searching in previous search results? For example, I have a macro and want to find a file inside the results independently from macro itself. Something like nesting structure in search line:

macro: >> nested, but separate search query
I was trying to find an answer in faq and support sections, but couldn't. Maybe there are some workarounds to reach similar logic?

UPDATE: By saying "previous search results" I actually mean folders and files, that have been found previously.

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Re: Searching in previous search results

Post by NotNull » Wed Mar 11, 2020 9:20 pm

If you are talking about an Everything macro, like audio: or zip: or one you created yourself, you can simply add extra criteria to your search query, like for exmaple:

Code: Select all

zip:    "X:\my files"
Another way would be exporting the current results and search exclusively in those results:
  • Enter your macro in Everything
  • Export the results as an EFU (File List) file:
  • Menu:File > Export
    • Save as type: EFU Everything File List
    • Give it a sensible name and save it
  • OPen this File List (Menu:File > Open File List).
  • Enter your extra search-query
  • When done, return to your regular Everything by closing the File List (Menu:File > Close File List).
(I hope I understood correctly what it is you want to accomplish)

BTW: it looks like a part of your post is missing?

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