Are "ALL" files and folders shown?

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Are "ALL" files and folders shown?

Post by jimringg » Sun May 16, 2010 6:48 pm

1st of all - What a GREAT PROGRAM!!!

When I load up everything and before I enter anything in the search bar, it shows all my files in the file findow and at the bottom it shows the total number of files.

The total number of files it shows is about 750,000, but when I do a antivirus scan the number of scanned files are in the millions - ( I ran CMD and did a search with "dir /A/S >AllFiles.txt " and there are over 7 million files on C drive alone) . So my guestion is... Why is there such a differance?? Are there a lot of hidden files that Everything does not show?

This a question of just purely wondering - The files I want to find Everything always finds, I was just wondering??

Thanks, Jim.

PS. What makes Everythig so much faster then all the other search programs out there including windows search?

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Re: Are "ALL" files and folders shown?

Post by void » Mon May 17, 2010 7:27 am

Your Antivirus program would most likely scan files inside rar/zip/cab/etc files.

"Everything" will only see the rar/zip/cab files and not the files inside these compressed/container files.

"Everything" will also only show physical NTFS files.

With Windows Vista or later there are a few hard links in your system directory which may not be indexed.

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