Everything stopped searching on multiple criteria

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Everything stopped searching on multiple criteria

Post by GregAtkinson » Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:51 am

:D :D :D :D Everything is a fantastic tool !! :D :D :D :D.

The absolutely best I file search engine have seen in 37 years working on systems. Thanks for keeping it simple and fast.

My file system now has over 500,000 files on it. Many photos and other file types.

I use very long and descriptive file names - primarily because Everything is such a flexible file search engine, it makes files easy to find, and modern OS's handle long names well. (Besides, in the 90's, as manager of a large scientific data gathering system, which generated up 45,000 files per day, I was well tutored in the most appropriate ways to name files so they could be found when required for later processing.)

Using long descriptive file names means that I do not have to maintain complex directory structures, and files are absolutely identifiable even when removed from their directory, without having to look at the contents.

Also, clients requesting high definition uncropped image, even years after taking the image and processing it, just need to give me the camera "source file string" and it can instantly be found.

Yesterday I added about 450 short (Camera specified short file name format "VE7Rnnnn") photos to the main data drive 1.5TB which has a
maximum Everything DB size set to 128MB.

I then processed about 100 through Photoshop, copying each file and giving the copy a descriptive name (location /names of people /activities /function names / date (yyyymmdd) etc.), as well as keeping the camera sequential file name. Source files are often around 11MB. File names can be up to 100 characters.

At each processing stage - (crop/image adjust/ image size) I add an extra letter as a prefix eg searching on "_CAS_" finds all files I have Cropped, Adjusted and Sized (for optimised computer display).

At some point last night the full multi string search function in Everything ceased to work.
It would only search on the first string entered. It was late & I went to bed, slept on the issue and came back to it this morning.

I found that by increasing the size of the Allocation Delta from 1MB to 16MB fixed the problem.

So rather than a request for a fix this post provides the fix.

David, keep up the good work - may be worth summarising this and posting it in the FAQ section

:D :D :D

(although it probably is not an issue that many will come across)

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Re: Everything stopped searching on multiple criteria

Post by cacamama » Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:58 pm

It could be that you accidentally turned on "Match whole word". Don't take it as an insult, sometimes it takes me a while to notice it =)
But if the problem in your case was purely technical, than it's weird. Hope it's nothing major...

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