RunWith - Run Everything Search from within Firefox

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RunWith - Run Everything Search from within Firefox

Post by therube » Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:29 pm

(not a lot of time, similar requests - even by me)

RunWith - Initiate an Everything Search from within a Firefox browser window, by highlighting wanted text, then opening context menu, selecting RunWith.

AMO (Addons Mozilla .org) shows the extension marked as EXPERIMENTAL -
<strike>Does NOT work with SeaMonkey :( .</strike>

Tested with FF 5.0.

Configure: about:addons -> Extensions -> RunWith => Options ~~> C:\Locate\RUNwithEVERYTHING.bat


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c:\locate\everything.exe -search %1

Highlight some text on a web page. Right-click, choose RunWith.


Everything should open & search for the highlighted text.


RunWith doesn't seem to like spaces in the command line (path, in the RunWith Options dialog), hence the usage of the batch file. Presumably needs full path to script/exe. Also needs the file extension.

"Everything" does nothing
"Everything.exe" (with path) will open Everything.exe, but nothing is passed (as Everything doesn't look for passed parameters unless you use a command line option like -search).
"Everything -search" (in the RunWith Options dialog) is ineffectual (nothing happens, Everything doesn't even open).

"RUNwithEVERYTHING.bat" works.

Adjust as necessary :-).

Posts: 2717
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RunWith - Run Everything Search from within SeaMonkey

Post by therube » Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:25 pm

OK, to get it to work with SeaMonkey ...

Take the runwith-0.93-fx.xpi (an .xpi is a ZIP file).
Edit the file, install.rdf, adding a section for SeaMonkey, saving the changes back.

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   <!-- SeaMonkey -->
Edit the file, chrome.manifest, modifying as below:

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- overlay     chrome://browser/content/browser.xul     chrome://RunWith/content/RunWithOverlay.xul
+ overlay   chrome://navigator/content/navigator.xul   chrome://RunWith/content/RunWithOverlay.xul
With those changes, it works in SeaMonkey.

And with that, it works great on XP.
On W7, you get that !@#$ UAC prompt. I'll have to look into that at some point.

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