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ETP not working as expected in Everything-

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2011 6:24 am
by jgt1942
I'm using Everything- and the ETP server is not working as expected.

I've gone to Tools > Options > ETP/FTP I've entered the IP address for my ETP server and the password (there is no field for user). Then when I right-click on a folder on a drive on the remote system and select "Search Everything", Everything opens and displays the path but noting is in the window list. If I then click Tools > Connect to ETP server when the window opens I have to reenter my user (the field contains the computer name of the system I'm on - because I previously entered the userid I expected it to be in the field, not the computer name). Once I enter correct user and click OK I then see the list of the network drive folder.

Why do I have to reenter the user every time I search my network drive? Or have I done something wrong? I've read through the documentation in this area and for me it has not been helpful.