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Non-MSVC compilers and the SDK

Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:46 am
by Gisle Vanem
I've done some patches to the EveryThing SDK for turning down the warnings etc. from various non-MSVC compilers:
  • CygWin - tested with gcc ver. 7.4.0. Both x86 and x64.
  • Clang - tested with ver. 8.0.0. Both x86 and x64.
  • PellesC - tested with ver. 8.00.170.
  • OpenWatcom - tested with ver. 2.0 beta.
Other items I've addressed:
  • Allow MSVC to use the fastcall calling convention (option -Gr).
    Therefore a CreateThread() function must be __stdcall (not fastcall).
    Similar for a qsort() function. Ref. MS_CDECL in my diff.
  • Ugly part: I needed to make the local hthread variable a public to forcefully terminate
    _Everything_query_thread_proc() (in e.g a SIGINT handler).
    A new function for this would be cleaner.
  • Added a Everything_SetLastError(). Ref. the comment for it.
  • Allow a static build by testing EVERYTHINGUSERAPI before defining it.
  • CygWin is POSIX. Hence no stricmp() and wcsicmp() AFAICS.
  • Added some Doxygen tags for my own use in my Envtool program.
I've put my diff-file at my GitHub gist-page.
Using these patches, I've turned down the warnings quite a bit.

David, pick and choose what you like. Again, a million thanks for a truly great program !!

PS. I'm not sure I'm using the last version of the EveryThing SDK.