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API development

Post by David » Tue Jun 02, 2009 1:57 pm

Everything API so far...

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query_t *create_query(void);
void destroy_query(query_t *q);

void start_query(query_t *q,DWORD completed_param,DWORD changed_param,int match_case,int match_whole_word,int match_path,int match_regex,int empty_search_matches_nothing,const utf8_t *search_string,const utf8_t *content_string);
void on_event(int event_type,DWORD param); // must be implemented in plugin to handle query complete and query changed events.

int get_folder_result_count(query_t *q);
int get_file_result_count(query_t *q);
int get_result_count(query_t *q);

int get_result_name(query_t *q,int index,utf8_t *buf,int max);
int get_result_path(query_t *q,int index,utf8_t *buf,int max);
int get_highlighted_result_name(query_t *q,int index,utf8_t *buf,int max);
int get_highlighted_result_path(query_t *q,int index,utf8_t *buf,int max);
int get_result_full_path_name(query_t *q,int index,utf8_t *buf,int max);
int is_folder_result(query_t *q,int index);
int get_result_icon(int ui_id,query_t *q,int index);
int is_icon_changed(query_t *q,int index,const wchar_t *wbuf,int wlen);
int is_match_path(query_t *q);

int is_result_selected(query_t *q,int index);
void clear_selection(query_t *q);
int select_result(query_t *q,int index);
void select_result_range(query_t *q,int start,int count);
void select_all_results(query_t *q);
void invert_result_selection(query_t *q);
int deselect_result(query_t *q,int index);
int invert_result_selection(query_t *q,int index);

int find_nearest_string_match_result(query_t *q,const utf8_t *string,int start_from_index);

int get_selection_count(query_t *q);

int get_selection_name(query_t *q,int index,utf8_t *buf,int max);
int get_selection_path(query_t *q,int index,utf8_t *buf,int max);
int get_selection_full_path_name(query_t *q,int index,utf8_t *buf,int max);
int is_folder_selection(query_t *q,int index);

int is_drive_included(char drive_letter);
int is_folder_included(const utf8_t *path,int path_len);
int is_file_included(const utf8_t *file,int file_len);

utf8 to ascii/unicode
ascii/unicode to utf8
These functions are expected to change during the development of the Everything API..

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