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Donation HistoryNameCommentAmount
13 November 2018Anonymoussaves my life daily!$10.00 USD
13 November 2018Carolyn Brown$10.00 USD
12 November 2018CliffThank you Thank you Thank you!$5.00 USD
12 November 2018MarioWorks great with for attached Synology NAS network drives as well$3.00 USD
11 November 2018ak47xm4$30.00 USD
11 November 2018Ioannis Athank you. Very useful tool$20.00 USD
10 November 2018Paul Horn$10.00 USD
9 November 2018lazyleek$5.00 USD
9 November 2018Jason StevensonThanks for doing what Microsoft should have!$10.00 USD
5 November 2018David YorkThis is a great tool, fast and excellent - Thank you$10.00 USD
5 November 2018Russell OA simple but exceptionally brilliant app. You make this so easy compared to the lame efforts achieved at Microsoft. Top man!$20.00 USD
3 November 2018SamuelThis is one of the best utility apps I have come across ever, thanks so much!$10.00 USD
3 November 2018JohnnykayJust getting it now, so I'll let you know later. Been a programmer for over 30 years so everyone needs to get something for their creativity.$20.00 USD
3 November 2018AnonymousThis easily the application I use the most on a daily basis. Thank you for the awesome tool!!!$20.00 USD
3 November 2018AnonymousWonderful, magical program.$20.00 USD
2 November 2018TomGreat,Great Software, thanks a lot!!!$5.00 USD
1 November 2018AnonymousJust fantastic! Has saved me many headaches.$20.00 USD
1 November 2018NickWow - how did I not know about this years ago. Well done and let me know when/if you ever integrate with Win key and I'll donate some more!$30.00 USD
30 October 2018JoachimGeniales Programm, Vielen Dank!$20.00 USD
27 October 2018Bruce WilsonThis is just what I needed to find what I'm looking for. What else can I say.$20.00 USD
26 October 2018Forrest A. Richey, Jr.Everything is WONDERFUL! It has already helped me several times much better'n the windoze built-in search. suggestion: could you add searching for text strings within files?$25.00 USD
25 October 2018PaoloHi David, your tool is absolutely invaluable - thank you!$10.00 USD
24 October 2018Peter EckmannAn unbelievable fast and useful program. Much better than the Microsoft search.$20.00 USD
24 October 2018Dennis Tillman W7PFHats off to you, David, for creating such a simple, powerful, tool. How can you sort all my files so incredibly fast? I use this every day when I am too lazy to enter a long path by hand. $10.00 USD
24 October 2018Steve HallsEverything is so good compared to Copernic, X1 et al! I reinforce Chris Gault's comments below$25.00 USD
23 October 2018Chris GaultI have really been impressed with your software and it has been so helpful that I want to give you something in return. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!$25.00 USD
22 October 2018Matt BakerExcellent application.$20.00 USD
19 October 2018_pA89Excellent Tool ..$10.00 USD
19 October 2018Ottavioyour software save my life! i love evrything is better then sex$2.00 USD
19 October 2018jqbBest tool ever.$10.00 USD
17 October 2018Jochen K.Brilliant - I'm just getting a new PC operational and decided to try installing programs only as I need them; yours is #5 after Norton, Firefox, LibreOffice and VLC.$10.00 USD
17 October 2018jclballjclball 7:37 AM (17 minutes ago) to david Thank you for your help! Truly awesome search tool. Will donate if we can via PayPal. YOURS TRULY: Jon B$10.00 USD
16 October 2018Glenn BrettThanks for a great utility (and for taking the time to answer my query!).$12.00 USD
16 October 2018ADThanks, great product$5.00 USD
16 October 2018Anonymousthank you so much! your program works so fine it should be a windows standard application!$8.00 USD
16 October 2018ThirdChordSearching for music files has been resolved!!!!$30.00 USD
16 October 2018AnonymousLiterally use this on every PC I own. Amazingly fast, never had an issue. Powerful tool that helps with organizing and finding all my files. $10.00 USD
13 October 2018AnonymousGreat work, blown away by it's speed. Real time-saver$10.00 USD
13 October 2018FranckThis fantastic software has become totally indispensable for me. Thank you.$10.00 USD
12 October 2018David HenryI use this for my work continuously and it is brilliant. It is intuitive, extraordinarily fast and invariably the file I am looking for is at the top of the list. Highly recommended.$25.00 AUD
11 October 2018Smart Images Inc. This is an amazing tool!! Thank you so very much for putting this out there without an outrageous price tag. $5.00 USD
10 October 2018Rick K.Nice replacement for the build-in search algorithm in Windows 7. Saves me a lot of time, thank you!$5.00 USD
9 October 2018LeoCan't imagine how much time would be wasted if I don't have this tool. Thanks a lot for creating such a convenient tool!$5.00 USD
9 October 2018Leonardo S.A must-have in every PC I use, it superbly replaces the windows search bar with an incredible speed of research and precision, recommended to all.$5.00 USD
6 October 2018Barbara MaisonThis is one of the most invaluable little programmes I have on my PC: simply love it, and use it so often for the most unusual searches. Thoroughly recommend it - should be on everyone's computer!$10.00 USD
5 October 2018Greg HoustonEverything makes windows usable. It's a fantastic piece of software. Thanks for making something so useful such a joy to use!$20.00 USD
2 October 2018robert freedone of the most useful programs that I use. Do you have software for client servers with multiple drives. Thanks$25.00 USD
2 October 2018Peter LawrenzUsing it on a daily basis. Great software with excellent functionality$10.00 USD
30 September 2018GameDevGreat app! Lots of files making games, this makes it so quick to find what i'm looking for.$10.00 USD
30 September 2018TomGreat win10/harddisk tool. Thanks$10.00 USD
29 September 2018DallasThis program has saved me so much headache finding problems and deleting old folders. THANK YOU!!$10.00 USD
28 September 2018der kueGreat Tool. Fast and very functional$10.00 USD
27 September 2018Paul in TNAs others have stated: use it all the time; saved much time searching. Thanks!$10.00 USD
27 September 2018William Shapiro$20.00 USD
26 September 2018MarkFantastic tool. Use it constantly.$10.00 USD
26 September 2018AnonymousIndespensible program$10.00 USD
24 September 2018AnonymousTime to give back - take this as a token of appreciation how much your work made this world a better place, helping us to spend more time with people we love. $10.00 USD
21 September 2018simhanDear David, Welll done. Please develop one for Android immediately. NARASIMHAN INDIA $5.00 USD
21 September 2018RoswalI have used Everything on WIN10 for a long time and found it excellent.$10.00 USD
21 September 2018UserI think this is a great tool. The windows search tool is terrible. This is a real life saver.$2.00 USD
21 September 2018Barry SeymourYour tool is GOLDEN. Been using it for years and it's a real time saver. Fast, light, smart. Well done!$5.00 USD
20 September 2018AnonymousWell done, David! Can 'E' re-assign fresh Genres en bloc to a chunk of mp3 Music files? Can it reorganise/reassign Tags, where some were mis-assigned?$5.00 USD
20 September 2018Glen AndersonYour work, namely the Everything Search program, is absolutely ESSENTIAL to productivity on a Windows system. Please never stop!$3.00 USD
16 September 2018BaToCarxI didn't translate it yet. :D$6.66 USD
14 September 2018AnonymousI've been using your software for years, and it has improved my life. Thanks.$20.00 USD
14 September 2018Hal EThanks for the neat tool. It's amazingly fast!$10.00 USD
13 September 2018Frank AudleyReally, really, really great prog/app!!! As an old techie/compsi major I appreciate your HARD work! Can't live w/o it! Use it 10X a day. ALL my friends I recommend it to love it also. Thanks, Dav$5.00 USD
13 September 2018Anonymousthank you! first program i install on every comp$10.00 USD
12 September 2018Nicholas KoaThank you so much. <3$10.00 USD
12 September 2018Dan WassonThanks! just what I needed$20.00 USD
11 September 2018Dave T"Everything" is SO fast and efficient at finding files. Every time I use it, especially after using other find tools, I am blown away. Excellent work! Thanks!$30.00 USD
10 September 2018AnonymousBeen using Everything for years. First program I install whenever a new computer comes into the house. If I haven't donated before, I apologize. Good work should be rewarded.$50.00 USD
9 September 2018Andrea ScopelThanks for your awesome program!$5.00 USD
9 September 2018TomLove Everything! It's what Cortana should have been. It's so much faster, more powerful, and more convenient than anything else. ~ Tom from https://classgen.com/$10.00 USD
9 September 2018Bob StoolfireI have used this superior search program for years. The best out there. I'm tired of free-riding.$25.00 USD
7 September 2018Marshall RaffertyI should give you more. I'll try to add more contributions in future. I'm thinking of all my Windows utilities, and Everything is the last one I would give up. Marshall Rafferty Seat$15.00 USD
7 September 2018Shawn HallI think this is a great tool. The windows search tool is terrible. This is a real life saver.$10.00 USD
7 September 2018JureThank you David for the Excellent program!$15.00 USD
6 September 2018TomWOW! This baby blew my socks off.$20.00 USD
5 September 2018AnonymousEd Price$20.00 USD
5 September 2018migorGreat simple fast software$10.00 AUD
4 September 2018Ed PriceAlways happy to contribute to a product that makes my life easier! Why didn't I find this sooner?$30.00 USD
4 September 2018AnonymousExcellent tool! Thanks, David!$5.00 USD
4 September 2018AnonymousThanks for making this simply effective and useful tool.$5.00 USD
3 September 2018SilvanoUn programma eccellente che uso ogni giorno. Grazie David$10.00 USD
1 September 2018TerriThank you, David, for making everyone think I'm a computer guru because I can find files sooooo fast -- and it's all because of you and your great program! :-)$20.00 USD
30 August 2018Anonyme adhérent sospcbonjour, merçi pour votre logiciel découvert chez SOSPC bonne journée$5.00 USD
29 August 2018pfmcatGreat software. Really good job, thank you.$20.00 USD
28 August 2018AnonymousToday, a customer asked for the deliverable of a 2 month old file. Everything quickly delivered as usual and helped us fixed the problem in no time. Thank you for software that makes the world better.$6.60 USD
27 August 2018AnonymousWhat a First Class piece of software. One request I would suggest is: add the ability to open multiple instances of the program Everything. $10.00 USD
27 August 2018ChuckGreat program, thank you for all your help.$20.00 USD
24 August 2018Thomasthere is no software that improves my workflow as much as everything. very fast, intuitiv and many many options of search paramters. really great program, thank you so much !$60.00 USD
23 August 2018BurkhardVielen Dank - sehr sehr hilfreich. Gibt es von diesem Programm auch eine Android-Version ? - Thank you very much - very helpful. Is there also an Android version of this program ?$15.00 USD
22 August 2018James G Stroud I can't remember if I donated before. But your Everything application is great and I use it all the time. Thank you so much, I love your app. James$10.00 USD
22 August 2018Damon Tripodi$5.00 USD
21 August 2018Cole Instrument Corp.great software$75.00 USD
21 August 2018Anonymous👍$13.00 USD
20 August 2018battarra stefanothanks, great program.$5.00 USD
20 August 2018miki-bgdOne of the best and most useful programs, saved me a lot of time and nerves! Thank you!$8.00 USD
19 August 2018Kentix.ioDave - I hope you keep this going and developed as long as you can (and maybe open source when you are ready). Most importantly, thank you!$10.00 USD
18 August 2018D. CrossThanks for making this software and the search indexing engine as it should be. I don't have to remember where I saved a file or accidentally saved it in the wrong folder your software will find it. $5.00 USD
18 August 2018Don MWonderfully fast. Thanks for all your work.$10.00 USD
15 August 2018Don S.This program has saved me much confusion and aggravation over the years, thank you!$25.00 USD
15 August 2018MarcoGreat software! A thousand times faster than the stupid MS Windows search engine!! Thanks!$10.00 USD
15 August 2018PSIKYOIt's a great job!!! It has improve my work performance by 500% percent! Thank you guys very much!$10.00 USD
14 August 2018Robert WarrenIt has been over 8 years since my last Donation. This one is far overdue. Thanks for a GREAT piece of software.$15.00 USD
14 August 2018Chiu Chung¯_(ツ)_/¯$5.00 USD
12 August 2018Samuel T$25.00 AUD
12 August 2018Andrea StaglianoYou changed my way to use pc and to find files!! With your tool it taked 1 second to find a file what the search engine of Windows couldn't find neither in 1 hour!! $2.00 USD
12 August 2018Guyr8sWent from version 1.3xxx to a 1.4 model. Figured I pony up again. Great tool -super fast. Saved my butt several times. Thank you Mr. Carpenter$14.19 USD
12 August 2018JonasThis changed my life, no joke. No other tool improved my productivity as much$5.00 USD
10 August 2018mattonly just discovered this, this is a really nice piece of work.$5.00 USD
10 August 2018ChipI donated before, but I just have to donate again. This is SUCH a great tool.$5.00 USD
9 August 2018TavisThanks for the great program, David! Been using it for a while now and love it :)$5.00 USD
8 August 2018MarSI 've been using it for too long w/o ever donating. Thank you for this great piece of software.$5.00 USD
7 August 2018AnonymousUse it for years, I don't want to miss it.$10.00 USD
7 August 2018ToshThanks - don't use it very often, but when I do, it's very useful$10.00 USD
4 August 2018Norman WeinsteinAs I said before great program. I will donate from time to time as the program improves. Here is another five dollars.$5.00 USD
4 August 2018Norman WeinsteinGreat Program$6.00 USD
4 August 2018Peter WatkinsWhere has this been all my life??? Bill Gates needs to write you a big cheque for this!$10.00 USD
3 August 2018Jason LiGreat software!$3.00 USD
2 August 2018ZhiyangYou saved me billion years of time. Can not be grateful more.$10.00 USD
2 August 2018AnonymousNice improvements over the years.$3.90 USD
1 August 2018LariThanks for great software and updates ! $15.00 USD
30 July 2018Tim I.I tested 4 different search tools/engines. this is the fastest search and fastest for my workflow. Thank you!$20.00 USD
29 July 2018AnonymousI have no idea why windows search isn't like this. But if Microsoft wants to make crappy search, you should charge. Take my money.$10.00 USD
28 July 2018KinanThanks for this amazing piece of software. I would love to have it running on Linux as well as it became my main system and the available alternative FSearch is not as powerful :)$3.00 USD
25 July 2018Joseph NaghdiGreat piece of software. I am saying this as a senior IT consultant with many years of experience in IT.$20.00 USD
24 July 2018NiclasThank you so much for this amazing tool, I use it everyday and it makes everything (no pun intended) so much easier to search! The best tool on windows, love it!$5.00 USD
24 July 2018MikeExcellent application thanks!$10.00 USD
23 July 2018davidicussolid. really works well. love searching my NAS now. real grateful.$5.00 USD
23 July 2018Taco JimBeen using this far too long.. incredibly useful. Thanks.$20.00 USD
21 July 2018David PayneSimply the best and most useful piece of utility software ever written. My friend who is totally blind finds it has changed the way he can use a computer. Thankyou.$20.00 USD
21 July 2018Jose Maria GalánMuy útil$10.00 USD
21 July 2018Keith OThe first piece of software I install on any new machine. Lightning fast and completely reliable. Thanks David!$10.00 USD
19 July 2018Etay GThis is A LIFE SAVER - one of the best software I ever used ! ( I am a 20 years programmer ). !$5.00 USD
17 July 2018AnonymousAmazing software. David is a rockstar!$20.00 USD
17 July 2018MarkDefinitely the best search tool out there – and believe me I’ve tried them all. Top of wish-list, that David would add search in Outlook for emails functionality. Here’s hopin$30.00 USD
17 July 2018GerardMerci David pour ce fantastique logiciel que tu améliores encore chaque release. Je ne peux plus m'en passer depuis de nombreuses années ! Avec toute mon amitié de France :-)$5.00 USD
15 July 2018Ruan XunThis software works like a magic. Time to get rid of the windows searching utility now!$1.11 USD
13 July 2018MCGreat job, David! Thank you for the prompt assistance when I emailed. I discovered the problem I was experiencing was my own fault but your instructions were patient, polite, and prompt!$5.00 USD
13 July 2018Jaco BSuch an awesome tool for a simple but frequent action. Why have Microsoft not incorporated this into Windows ??? Love your work!$10.00 USD
12 July 2018Lennyb$25.00 USD
12 July 2018CrifonMerci pour ce logiciel vraiment innovant surtout lorsque la recherche se fait sur plus de 6 HDD ou pour savoir si un titre de série est en double.$5.00 USD
11 July 2018GaryTruly outstanding and super efficient software. So very superior to Windows Search and a total buzz to use. $10.00 USD
11 July 2018WalterThis tool is so powerful and good it has saved hours of hunting and searching with the crappy Windows search. Highly recommended! Thank you!$70.00 USD
11 July 2018BobCan't live without it! Thank you!!$10.00 USD
9 July 2018Lucas Fang 方健蘆It is a very good tool. I use it everyday. and I recommend it to my friends. I hope everything can have Traditional Chinese (正體中文) 版本 then I can teach senior frien$10.00 USD
9 July 2018Dieter SchuchSehr hilfreiches Programm.$10.00 USD
9 July 2018John HeartEverything's good.$5.00 USD
7 July 2018AnonymousLove Everything$20.00 USD
7 July 2018AnonymousThank you very much for Everything search. ;-)$2.00 USD
6 July 2018Alfred GebhardSuper Programm Hat mir sehr geholfen.$10.00 USD
5 July 2018chn cvthank you,it's so good that help me much.$2.00 USD
3 July 2018GregoryWhat a great product, WOW!$10.00 USD
2 July 2018RichardAbsolutely brilliant.$10.00 USD
1 July 2018GizelleThanks for an awesome search engine! Please don't let this become abandonware. If I had any suggestions it would be to re-index the drives every day. I often find perma deleted files still show up$3.50 USD
1 July 2018AnonymousA most useful little helper for finding my stuff$10.00 USD
30 June 2018AnonymousLove it$2.00 USD
29 June 2018Jonathan HayesI love this tool as an admin. The ability to find files on my server with regex is so wonderful! I'd give you a hug if i could. :)$20.00 USD
29 June 2018ShzAn excellent search tool, have not found anything else like it thanks for the app!!!$25.00 USD
29 June 2018Eno SantecchiaIt is a very useful and well done program. Compliments! I would like to know how not to keep it always in memory. I make a donation. Thank you$6.00 USD
28 June 2018gionni italyi use this software and i want to thanks to you 4 tou work$1.00 USD
27 June 2018JSI have been looking for a tool like this for YEARS. Thank you!$15.00 USD
27 June 2018DaveMakes my life easier! Thank you!$10.00 USD
27 June 2018useful!很棒!$10.00 USD
27 June 2018R.Thank you for making our lives much easier with this search tool. I don't know how much time I've saved using Everything, but it's worth much more than this donation is. Please keep up the good work!$10.00 USD
27 June 2018Ray LewisWow! Was using Agent Ransack for the longest time. Every feature I find in your software makes it better and better. Keep up the excellent work!$15.00 USD
24 June 2018LoïcI use it for 2 years now, very good product, I win a lot of time!$15.00 USD
23 June 2018Rudithis is a really great tool, thanks !$15.00 USD
22 June 2018ArthurIt makes the search a party€10.00 EUR
21 June 2018icon LuThanx for your marvelous work!$2.00 USD
18 June 2018Mark StaveThis is a huge improvement on the built in search, thank you$10.00 USD
17 June 2018AngyThis is by far the best search program I have ever seen. It's lighting fast and can find any files even if you have a tower PC with 7 hard-disks going at the same time.. just amazing! $24.00 CAD
16 June 2018EtienneThank you great software!$10.00 CAD
14 June 2018Michael KatoMakes my life so much easier. You deserve all the money, but I can only spare a tenner.$10.00 USD
12 June 2018chchwyBest tool ever, can't live without it.$10.00 USD
11 June 2018David SeeMany thanks for maintaining a fantastic program!$30.00 USD
9 June 2018MarkEverything changes the way I work with Windows completely and utterly for the better.$40.00 USD
7 June 2018Ali ElsharkawyThanks for this program , we really appreciated . It helps me to finish my job rapidly. $1.00 USD
6 June 2018DanteHi,David. Thank you for your generosity in providing a very useful program. Best regards, Dante$10.00 USD
3 June 2018Gilles GAGNANTA nice to have tools.$10.00 USD
3 June 2018Daniel SanbornThank you David for an amazing application. It's almost perfect for the intended use; indexing and search is near instantaneous. The footprint is minimal, and the interface is clean and intuitive.$40.00 USD
3 June 2018洪文军非常好用的软件,一天要打使用10几次,有时要搜索上百个文件。 在2013�$8.00 USD
1 June 2018杨 素直Thank you$20.00 USD
1 June 2018JafarThank you so much, you are making my work easier$5.00 USD
1 June 2018Randy YatesI depend on this program every day. It works, every time. Thanks for everything!$25.00 USD
31 May 2018Andy EastmanA most useful tool for NTFS file system access. Almost unlimited potential for file system mining.$10.00 USD
31 May 2018David PuettGreat program. Use it all the time.$40.00 USD
31 May 2018AnonymousNot sure if I could live without this excellent tool. Thanks!$40.00 USD
31 May 2018Harry in ColoradoI've been using Everything for years and am still discovering new tricks it can do. One of the first programs I install on a new PC and would be at a loss without it. Time to pay up. Thanks David.$25.00 USD
30 May 2018AnonymousGreat job!$2.00 USD
29 May 2018elrod johnsoni get really upset when i have to work on client computers that don't have everything installed. how can you get serious work done using windows search??? fantastic utility!!$10.00 USD
29 May 2018Michalis$10.00 USD
29 May 2018Tom Reesegreat utiiity I use on Windows, Android and more? thanks for your work and creation.$10.00 USD
28 May 2018waquThanks!$2.00 USD
28 May 2018Kurt SAbsolutely Fantastic. Thank You$5.00 USD
27 May 2018FernandaThank you so much for this wonderful tool - I love it and use it everyday - it is easy to use and it works!! That is more than I can say about the Windows 10 search tool..$6.50 USD
26 May 2018James SolabyAmazing search engine that lets me key files from more than 1.2M indexed files. A lifesaver.$15.00 USD
25 May 2018AnonymousFantastic program! Been using it for a while now and it dawned on me that I had never donated (not that I recall). If I find myself using a free program with any sort of regularity, I like to donat$10.00 USD
25 May 2018Ed C.I really love programs that WORK!$10.00 USD
24 May 2018jimmyYour product is awesome. It is like having grep on a windows station. It saves time and is now part of my daily and hourly productivity. Thank you. $250.00 USD
23 May 2018GregWonderful product$20.00 USD
23 May 2018Ricardo A. Rasmussen V.Mi donación responde a la calidad del programa porque es la herramienta mas util que he encontrado, Muchas Gracias$10.00 USD
22 May 2018AldrickThanks.$1.00 USD
22 May 2018TommyI use your program every day and it saves me countless hours of searching in other less-efficient ways. Thank you.$25.00 USD
20 May 2018Uncle Stu I'd be miserable without Everything. I wish it could find dupes using CRC checksums, sizes, and dates. Then check boxes to select dupes for mass deletions. Speed wouldn't matter much. Thanks again.$10.00 USD
20 May 2018Dimitris NasoufisSimple, smart and useful program!$1.00 USD
20 May 2018Joshua BNice work! Would love to see this open sourced!$15.00 USD
19 May 2018Michael AbrahamsWhy doesn't this come with Windows by default??$20.00 USD
19 May 2018Andreas DusinI just love it.$15.00 USD
17 May 2018Tony Shaftel$25.00 USD
17 May 2018AnonymousThanks for this tool, man!$5.00 USD
16 May 2018yong tan谢谢!$10.00 USD
16 May 2018Valentin araguesI cant tell you how you changed my experience of work Thankssssss a lot$20.00 USD
14 May 2018Zhou KunThanks for creating such a awesome appliction.$10.00 USD
14 May 2018Minecraft Hacked Client MCWhale.comYour tool has helped me save many hours with a project I have recently built and is on-going called MCWhale.com, it involves automating the installation of Minecraft hacked clients. $3.00 USD
14 May 2018IrinaPlease on "ext4" / Linux$7.77 USD
14 May 2018Emilio GilAMAZING!$5.00 USD
13 May 2018Chesapeake HMs$25.00 USD
12 May 2018Eureka-TechThis WORKS! Everything is so fast Windows is still thinking when Everything is displaying searches, on all drives too! Don't know how you do it, but hats off!$50.00 USD
12 May 2018Pat SoutterGreat program. Sooo useful$30.00 USD
11 May 2018Dan KBest search tool available. $10.00 USD
9 May 2018MikeEverything just found a folder I thought I had lost forever. Great job to the developers!$5.00 USD
8 May 2018学生没有收入,但是还是想感谢一下$1.00 USD
8 May 2018CobrarogFantastic, David. I want shares in your company.$10.00 USD
8 May 2018Volker$10.00 USD
7 May 2018DianneThanks for this hardware$7.00 USD
6 May 2018Jim MuriDavid, this is one of the best apps I've used. I cannot imagine being without this. Thanks and please keep up the good work!$20.00 USD
5 May 2018Guy D. SmithEverything is the single most useful program on my PC. I've had it for years and CONSTANTLY use it for finding files on my overloaded laptop with about 6TB hanging off of it. Thanks, David!$10.00 USD
5 May 2018Barry SheridanVery useful utility. Well done !$15.00 USD
4 May 2018Tiger泰戈尔 SolenoidsChina.comuse it every day!$10.00 USD
4 May 2018Ravi GautamThanks for this great software. I use it everyday.$4.27 USD
4 May 2018Sea FlyingWell, little donate from a poor man, but sincerely thanks$1.00 USD
1 May 2018MarcoI started the portable version for using it with my sample library and mp3 music collection. Unbelievable how fast the index/database was created. I had no time to make a coffee. :-)$6.00 USD
1 May 2018FlyingNoodleVoid, I'm extremely grateful for the time and dedication you've put into Everything. You've done a great job$10.00 USD
1 May 2018Joe ColburnHi David - Oh! My God this search is absolutely the fastest, best, full computer file searcher I have ever used!!! The search files show up faster than any human could even type! $50.00 USD
1 May 2018AnonymousOutstanding product, I wish I knew about everything 5 years ago..really amazing.$30.00 USD
30 April 2018AnonymousThanks heaps. I use this 50 times a day.$10.00 USD
29 April 2018Rick WannallI love this thing. I use it regularly and, as a bonus, regularly discover the extra copies of things I have lying around in the 4 TB of storage I have on my home PC. Extremely helpful util$50.00 USD
29 April 2018x2llsGreat piece of code man. I've been in tech from early 70's,this is the best local srch I 've yet to c. $30.00 USD
29 April 2018Hal Newman"Everything" is everything I could have asked for in a search program. Not only does it search my C:Drive, but it provides results almost instantly - and for esternal drives as well. Kudos t$20.00 USD
29 April 2018Michael WLove it. Exactly what I needed and has already saved me time.$20.00 USD
29 April 2018Dan CarvajalThe best.$5.00 USD
27 April 2018Gomdol정말로 멋진 프로그램입니다. 사용하면서 언제나 감사한 마음입니다.$10.00 USD
26 April 2018AnonymousCongratulation for this wonderful tool!$5.00 USD
24 April 2018BustanilVery useful program, thank you$5.00 USD
24 April 2018firexorcОчень хорошая программа$2.00 USD
22 April 2018PaulExcellent program, thank you$10.00 USD
20 April 2018AnonymousThanks! Everything is great! I use the WOX extension. Right click to open parent folder makes me so happy!$15.00 USD
20 April 2018Tony SOutstanding!$50.00 USD
20 April 2018BOTTE DanielSuper efficace. Bravo !$10.00 USD
19 April 2018Valentin AraguesBig deal..free. you guys need support.. Greatest indexer ..ever.. VA$20.00 USD
17 April 2018Otacilio Miguel TavaresEverything is the best software in its category. Congratulatios. Success forever.$25.00 USD
16 April 2018Olivier Beltrami$500.00 USD
15 April 2018AnonymousI don't donate often but this program is fantastic. I think I would have fully converted to a linux daily driver if I could find an equivalent to everything.$60.00 USD
15 April 2018RolandI wouldn't know what to do without Everything! I use it several times daily for years. Now, it's finally time to support you guys! Great job. Keep on! Roland$20.00 USD
14 April 2018yanbobfastest and best file search tool i have tried so far$18.00 USD
13 April 2018AnonymousThis is the BEST search tool I have seen in 25+ years of experience. I use it many times per day, everyday. I only wish I could donate more because I know how valuable it is. Thank you.$10.00 USD
12 April 2018Spencer ChaseI am not sure if i have donated before. How can if use everything to find out :) $20.00 USD
12 April 2018Dr. Scheibe$5.00 USD
11 April 2018山卡拉32号超级感谢!$2.00 USD
10 April 2018LloydThanks!$20.00 USD
8 April 2018万户超级棒的软件,感谢。$2.00 USD
7 April 2018Butch760$10.00 USD
6 April 2018OiCMudkipsThanks! Great software!$7.50 USD
6 April 2018Kevin O'LearyOutstanding product. In daily use.$100.00 AUD
6 April 2018MichaelWindows 10 search is terrible. Your product is a lifesaver. Thank you so much!$10.00 USD
6 April 2018ShinsikThanks for a great program!$10.00 USD
5 April 2018StephanGreat Program£10.00 GBP
4 April 2018KashGreat Program. Keep it up.$10.00 USD
2 April 2018TimJust forwarded my recommendation to a group - thanks!$10.00 USD
2 April 2018Andrey Shurygin$9.00 USD
2 April 2018LakshmanDo check your email as well ;). I hope you like it.$6.44 USD
2 April 2018WarrenExcellent, most useful tool.$10.00 USD
31 March 2018AnthonyFantastic software thank you!$2.00 USD
30 March 2018GeoEPIC App. I was using Locate32 for years and wow, Everything blows it away, and that's without me even having time to play with the config/server stuff etc.. Such a great job well done!$10.00 USD
29 March 2018NNThank you for keeping developing this huge time-saver!$15.00 USD
29 March 2018MortyGreat little program. We are using it every day $10.00 USD
28 March 2018hoffieI donate when i can. I did donate before now i'm able to give a little more. I use your search many times a day saves me when I ncan't find files any other way! Keep up the Good Work.. hoffie$10.00 USD
28 March 2018Howie MAppreciate the assistance on the text encoding$10.00 USD
27 March 2018FlyboyDavid, Thanks for an awesome program!$20.00 USD
27 March 2018Harry JekelI was “over the moon” when my son (and IT expert!) found “Everything”, a very appropriate description for what your app does in regards to what I (and obviously many other computer users) need to search for, access and open files which, ironically, we were able to do in Microsoft’s XP’s operating system with their app called “Open Office Document”. When upgrading to Windows 7 the app was for some unbeknown reason removed. I was still able to use the XP app but it limited me to opening only up to five files; as soon as I clicked on a sixth file the app would crash, which wasn’t ideal to say the least. Then after upgrading to Windows 10, the XP app didn’t work at all so I had to resort to using File Explorer. It is truly unbelievable that Microsoft has made such a backwards step in its File Search functionality. No longer could I search for files starting with “f-* or containing the letters “jek” for example. So “Everything” really has been a godsend for me. It’s just so simple and seamless to use! Thank so much for your “common sense” app.$100.00 USD
24 March 2018Ed Tittel & Kari FinnWe really, really like Everything. We not only make use of it ourselves, but we recommmend it enthusiastically to others. A great tool that does what it say it will do, with minimal muss and fuss.$10.00 USD
23 March 2018Lindsay WYes, been most grateful for this superb software. Sorry I haven't donated sooner.$10.00 USD
23 March 2018iestynMy favourite tool, I use it every day :)$50.00 USD
23 March 2018BGBExcellent software. Appreciate you keeping it up to date.$10.00 USD
23 March 2018Rainer Faciusindispensable, unrivalled, huge help for not to loose track$15.00 USD
22 March 2018FengqiThis software has been in use for many years, just want to donate, thank you very much!$5.00 USD
21 March 2018유용재Thanks David This is the best navigation program$5.00 USD
21 March 2018AnonymousThanks. Great tool$5.00 USD
21 March 2018G.J. WeerheimThanks for this great software. It helps my very often to find my files.$10.00 USD
18 March 2018mousethank you for this. couldn't be without it!$25.00 USD
18 March 2018Zhang Boyang非常好用的工具,节省了我很多时间!谢谢$20.00 USD
17 March 2018Micha Ronendon't leave home without it$20.00 USD
16 March 2018AnonymousWow, impressive tool.$20.00 USD
16 March 2018Jason HSWonderful tool and also excellent support! Thanks for your time David!$20.00 USD
14 March 2018Delmor_SОгромное спасибо, очень полезная программа.$5.00 USD
14 March 2018PhilReally useful tool !!!$20.00 USD
14 March 2018MarieTD This is a great search program. Like others have said, it's one of the first things I install on any computer.$10.00 USD
13 March 2018Jing HeThanks a lot! This tool is really handy!$5.00 USD
12 March 2018TASSO 50Thank you for your SUPER TOOL and your support.$10.00 USD
11 March 2018JimThanks so much for your fast, functional tool. It is a delight to use, as opposed to the rubbish search Microsoft provides.$5.00 USD
10 March 2018RexxOne of the first things I install on a new computer. Thank you!$20.00 USD
10 March 2018Jeremy C.Everything is amazing..thank you! I just posted how I use it here..https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/autocad-forum/my-way-of-resolving-missing-xrefs/td-p/7842771$20.00 USD
10 March 2018AnonymousExcellent!$20.00 USD
8 March 2018John MI couldn't survive without this program! Thank you.$20.00 USD
8 March 2018Giff27$10.00 USD
7 March 2018Scott VYour utility is everything Windows search should be! I just wish I could use it for searching mp3 tags.$20.00 USD
7 March 2018Scott VYour utility is everything Windows search should be! I just wish I could use it for searching mp3 tags.$20.00 USD
6 March 2018Stenli$14.00 USD
5 March 2018Happy User Does find everything ! Great for removing crap still left behind after an uninstall !$5.00 USD
5 March 2018FanQing路漫漫其修远兮,吾将上下而求索;长风破浪会有时,直挂云帆济沧海$3.00 USD
4 March 2018Ricardo A. Rasmussen V.Es un placer realizar la donación para gente que hace tan buen trabajo, la aplicación de Everything es muy buena y me gusta mucho. Atte.$8.00 USD
4 March 2018fixerdavebest search tool, thought I ought to support you, thanks dave$20.00 USD
3 March 2018Philippe-EmmanuelWonderfull search application. I use it for many years without any problem! It is free so I am donating for future development. Thanks very much David!$15.00 USD
3 March 2018Larry MThis is one my most often used apps. Works perfectly. Many thanks, David.$20.00 USD
3 March 2018Bobby PrinceDavid! Microsoft should buy you out on this for big bucks. Everything should replace the lame Windows search! Thanks for a truly great utility that has saved me a lot of time!$20.00 USD
2 March 2018anonymous谢谢你! Thank you.$10.00 USD
28 February 2018Chris BishopI love this app! I use it every day and it has saved me so much time. Thanks, David - your hard work is much appreciated.$20.00 USD
28 February 2018Leslie_i80Thanks. Use it on 2 computers running Windows 10.$20.00 USD
28 February 2018Lucathank you very much for your software. Finally a REAL SEARCH tools instead of that Windows CRAP ONE. thank you very much.$2.00 USD
27 February 2018Kevin VDThis app is unbelievably powerful. I use it to sift through a database of 89,000 uncategorized files. It's actually unbelievable this is free so here I am donating a bit. Thanks very much David!$10.00 USD
27 February 2018Joan VidalImpresionante aplicación. Excelente en búsqueda de ficheros y contenido. Thanks David!$11.00 USD
26 February 2018YRX$15.00 USD
25 February 2018Lewis BaileyIndispensable. A magnificent program in every domain (tiny size, breathtaking speed, simplicity of use). Kudos to David.$10.00 USD
25 February 2018Kirill VodopianovThanks for this excellent tool! Great job!$10.00 USD
25 February 2018Larry CGreat tool!!! Would be perfect if the database maintained an MD5 or SHA256 as well as size to duplicates with different naming, links, etc. system-wide.$20.00 USD
25 February 2018BruceVery handy program, thanks$25.00 USD
25 February 2018JoshuaI was recommended this tool by a colleague at work, it has since become an essential part of my workflow. I recommend this to everyone, figured it was time I showed my support for this solid tool.$10.00 USD
24 February 2018PatabugenThanks for Everything!$10.00 USD
23 February 2018HANSTHE coming treeview search is worth a big pint of beer !$10.00 USD
22 February 2018Terry PinnellAbout time I made another donation, David! Would not like to be without your excellent program and your support has always been greatly appreciated.$20.00 USD
22 February 2018Anton SturmA GREAT Tool. Good as well for Systemtuning.$60.00 USD
22 February 2018WallyReally great$5.00 USD
22 February 2018AMKThis program has practically replaced windows explorer for me. Especially seeing how I store most of my files on a NAS drive and explorer refuses to index them (not a problem for everything though!)$10.00 USD
22 February 2018Ludwig BarthGreat Tool ! Has saved me so much time$20.00 USD
21 February 2018CNife感谢你们的工作,为我们带来了如此优秀的工具。$3.00 USD
21 February 2018Ameen RabeaThe best ever search tool I used in windows, I hope it continue the improvement and being free forever.$10.00 USD
21 February 2018Frank EbertThis is ONE REALLY COOL UTILITY$10.00 USD
20 February 2018ZachBest Windows utility out there! Has saved me tons of time and solves problems I face daily.$15.00 USD
20 February 2018Kurt PochertGreat program. Thank you for "Everything"!$10.00 USD
19 February 2018MDEverything Rocks!$50.00 USD
19 February 2018KrisRemarkably fast. Love it.$10.00 USD
17 February 2018DorianFantastic software! Everything (pun intended) I've been looking for for searching.$15.00 USD
16 February 2018AndrésThank you so much for coding such a good tool, and even more, for releasing it for free! $50.00 USD
16 February 2018Gustavo SánchezHappy to see "Everything" is "Alive and Kicking". Love this program, so usefull for me. Thanks so much David.$30.00 USD
14 February 2018JackEverything is amazing! It's been almost a decade and it's still better than Windows search. I can't believe I've gotten so much value out of something free. Thank you!$15.00 USD
14 February 2018M. G.Thanks for this moments of performance on my old PC$5.00 USD
14 February 2018JohnGreat application. I would be lost (as would my files) without it.$15.00 USD
12 February 2018Jesse KirkpatrickThank you for Everything, it's the first program I install on a new PC :)$10.00 USD
12 February 2018ShahamkBest of the best!$10.00 USD
11 February 2018GrisuMany thanks for this Giant Search Tool!!$5.00 USD
10 February 2018DanielExcellent software.. I wonder how I survived for so long without it!$15.00 USD
9 February 2018AnonymousUse it permanently – thanks$20.00 USD
9 February 2018Frank KuhlmannAwesome tool, I leave it open, and search 100 times a day through my 3 TB worth of scientific data. Found it after getting super frustrated with Windows search tool.$10.00 USD
8 February 2018DimitryFantastic tool, instantly finds _everything_ with lots of configurable tuning options. Thanks!$20.00 USD
8 February 2018Enthusiastic Everything UserI really appreciate your product Everything and the support you provided to me. I find Everything to be a very useful, fast and reliable tool which greatly enhances my productivity. $100.00 USD
6 February 2018JSAfter several years of using this excellent program (one of the very first things I install on a new computer) it's about time I made a donation. Thanks for a great piece of software!$10.00 USD
4 February 2018hoffieI cannot tell how many times a day I use Everything it just FLAT-Out WORKS ! I do know that I have come to rely on it, and utilize its many features. Keep up the Great Work ! Thanks!$15.00 USD
4 February 2018Zhipeng DuanThanks!!!$10.00 USD
3 February 2018Joerg KarkoschThanks!!! Saved my day and more!$10.00 USD
2 February 2018ClonesThank you for Everything!$10.00 USD
2 February 2018Finn Ove Sørensen$55.00 USD
2 February 2018Darren AklestadEverything is such a time saver, I use it constantly everyday. Thanks for such a wonderful tool!$20.00 USD
2 February 2018IsaacIndexing common drives improves efficiency in our department! Thank you for this brilliant software!$50.00 USD
31 January 2018Tony ChenEverything is one of my favorite software! I'm from China.$10.00 USD
31 January 2018Muhammad AyubThank you for Everything! keep it up$20.00 AUD
30 January 2018YousifExtremely useful software. Thank you!$10.00 USD
30 January 2018Vitor ManuelThanks a lot.. Great software..$10.00 USD
30 January 2018Stephan Thank you so much for Everything! I wouldn't know what to do without it. It's a (life-)time-saver!$30.00 USD
29 January 2018Scott ButlerYou have help me maintain my faith in humanity's future. May the universe shower you with creamy smooth chocolate and crunchy nuts of your favorite kind. Until then, here's a couple of bucks.$10.00 USD
28 January 2018Jorge LozanoGreat software, it helps a lot$20.00 USD
28 January 2018Sibo Jiang$5.00 USD
27 January 2018gl7keep up the good works of the greatest search program.$10.00 USD
27 January 2018Star Photo Digital ArtsWonderful tool. Thanks$25.00 USD
26 January 2018rabExcellent piece of software. Simple and sweet. Thanks for making it available!$10.00 USD
26 January 2018WillSuch a beauty!$10.00 USD
26 January 2018Jacques WibierThis is excellent. EVERYTHING makes my self built Computer 1000% Perfect!$10.00 USD
25 January 2018Jaehwan JungThank you! from South Korea$5.00 USD
25 January 2018AussiecubsI have found Everything to be a great program and I am therefore supporting.the program. Cheers from Downunder.$10.00 USD
25 January 2018Gene CareyI use Everything daily!! Thus, make frequent donations to say THANK YOU very much!$10.00 USD
25 January 2018GLOBAL LOGISTICGreat program! Thank you!$30.00 USD
25 January 2018NikšaThank you for your perfect product, you wise people of voidtools! I'm using your software every day, and it's been very helpful in my working process.$5.00 USD
24 January 2018PaulThis is the most useful program. Thank you.$20.00 USD
22 January 2018Carl CThis continues to be THE BEST file search tool for Windows. Thank you!$5.00 USD
21 January 2018$10I've used Everything for a number of years and am really impressed with its quality and performance. Thanks for your work! God bless you.$10.00 USD
21 January 2018PeterI've used everything for a long time, it is a useful and valuable tool!$30.00 USD
21 January 2018TurkeyThank you for Everything!$5.00 USD
21 January 2018AlpaslanThank you and keep it up!$50.00 USD
20 January 2018Marco B.I'm impressed by your wonderful software. Thank you so much!$13.00 USD
20 January 2018Steve H.Love Everything. It is kind of like getting brain cells replaced. It remembers Everything for me. Thanks for developing such a great program. $15.00 USD
20 January 2018Sebastian S.Awesome tool. My go-to search Windows search tool.$10.00 USD
19 January 2018yuntianzero感谢开发者,略尽绵薄之力$1.00 USD
19 January 2018Tobias E.The coolest search Windows has ever seen. Paints a smile on my face daily!$17.59 USD
17 January 2018GerhardtFantastic little program. It has helped me many, many times. Absolutely excellent. Thank you$5.00 USD
17 January 2018shinyplasticSimply awesome, appreciate such amazing software.$10.00 USD
17 January 2018Christian D.Thanks a lot for your very good work ! Regards$5.00 USD
17 January 2018José Vera BarranqueroA problem:although I have it start the only, requests to start it when as the Windows 10 Pro 64 and other startup programs are loaded. Whenever I get, asked me the same thing. solution?.Thanks you.$10.00 USD
16 January 2018Tate Wong献上绵薄之力,感谢开发者!$1.00 USD
16 January 2018AnonymousThis is how a search function should work (I'm looking at you, Microsoft!).$10.00 USD
16 January 2018Richard SpeissThis is the best (and fastest) file search tool I have used, an important arrow in my quiver of tools.$20.00 USD
14 January 2018pAnu$5.00 USD
14 January 2018slofmaWhen you're older, short-term memory only works very poorly. I'm afraid that's my situation. Therefore everything is a great help for me! I use it very, very often..$10.00 USD
12 January 2018Gustavotime saver times a million!$10.00 USD
12 January 2018TGThanks for creating this wonderful app. It's excellent!$10.00 USD
11 January 2018heThis is really phantastic piece of software and a big help lots of time. I wondered that on the HOME page I couldnt find any begging for donation. Glad!!! that I found it here in the FAQ by accident$20.00 USD
11 January 2018Richardas a business with over 100k files in a library, this has revolutionised how we work. We've struggled with Windows Search for years - this is amazing!! thank you so much!!!$150.00 USD
11 January 2018Fred Radford I just found Everything and it is great. I have a feature request: File hash values, such as SHA or MD5, so that I can sort by hash to see duplicate files and help de-duplicate my drives $30.00 USD
9 January 2018Nick MennaI use Everything since 2015 Is GREAT I'm really impressed for quality and performance. I suggest to everybody to install it as first tools on any windows machine. Thank you & Happy new year$10.00 USD
9 January 2018Miomir KrsmanovicI've used Everything for a number of years and am really impressed with its quality and performance. Still puzzled how come Microsoft or some other company did not apprach you with an attemp to buy :)$10.00 USD
8 January 2018Illya Zubaryev(Search) Everything is one of the most brilliant applications ever made. Maybe put up a 10-20 second delayed splash screen like MyPhoneExplorer does upon first run? You deserve donations a-plenty! :)$5.00 USD
5 January 2018Kevin MOne of the first tools installed on any windows machine I use. This is GREAT software. I can't thank you enough. You need a paid version of this ASAP as there are a lot of us who would happily pay$25.00 USD
4 January 2018LBThank you for creating your application and making the product available via the Voidtools website. I will recommend your product to all my friends.$25.00 USD
3 January 2018MichaelAlong with Windirstrat, this is the most useful free software in existence. found my folder in a few seconds with multiple external hard drives connected. wow. $5.00 USD
3 January 2018Craig P.This has saved my bacon quite a few times looking for a backup somewhere on my system. Thanks for Everything!$10.00 USD
2 January 2018Chris JohnsonThis is and has been the single most installed and used program on all of my computers. I figure it is time to pay you back a little. Thank you for giving it away for free!$100.00 USD
2 January 2018Allan Roy Andrews$10.00 USD
1 January 2018Yves-Marie Monfortbest tool by far !$10.00 USD
1 January 2018Sam ZEverything is amazing - feature set is wonderful and searching is so fast! Thank you for this game-changing tool.$5.00 USD
31 December 2017Dimitri SnijdersThanks for this tools I can't live without it. Ideal to find files on my 8 harddisk + SSD in my PC in a second.$15.00 USD
31 December 2017RLA very practical feature is embedded in the VIEW menu: preview PDF files, JPGs, PNGs, DOC, DOCX etc. and view them without having to even open PDF Readers, wordprocessing software or graphics viewers.$25.25 USD
31 December 2017FF I've used Everything(almost daily) for years. It's time I showed my appreciation with a donation. Other than Windows itself, there is nothing else that I consider a necessity. $10.00 USD
30 December 2017smf74Спасибо. Удобно$1.00 USD
30 December 2017seewyteEverything is a tool that fundamentally changes the way I work with computers, and I could never do without it. It's worth a lot more than I can afford, but here's another small donation. Thank you!$5.00 USD
29 December 2017JohannesThank you for this excellent tool!$10.00 USD
29 December 2017pUnqfUrsSaved me a day of work waiting for Helpdesk to unlock Bitlocker. I couldn't find where I'd saved the key, but I didn't have to cuz Everything.$5.00 USD
26 December 2017A.HammashThank you for this amazing tool$10.00 USD
26 December 2017Mattias AronssonWow, your search tool Everything is super-quick. Impressive implementation, I will use this a lot :-)$10.00 USD
26 December 2017jfiiThank You$25.00 USD
25 December 2017Bear$10.00 USD
24 December 2017AnonymousFor now, I assigned a keyboard shortcut, but I am still hoping that one day your program is installed by default in the Windows OS :) Thanks for keeping it free ! Happy 2018 to you mr. David.$18.77 USD
24 December 2017RENAUD FranoisTrs bon programme. Continuez. Very good program. go on$5.00 USD
24 December 2017VivaThank merry xmas and happy new year$100.00 USD
23 December 2017MarkusThank you very much for your fantastic tool! $10.00 USD
23 December 2017SreejithThanks for keeping Everything free. $10.00 USD
23 December 2017Pat RickI stopped remembering where I put my stuff. I have everything!$10.00 USD
22 December 2017jjkeep up the good work thank you;$15.00 USD
22 December 2017Wim WoepelGebruik het al jaren. Donatie moest er een van komen.$15.00 USD
21 December 2017MichaelThis is a wonderful tool. Thank you for making it available. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.$10.00 USD
21 December 2017TonyIndispensable. Saves me time every day.$15.00 USD
19 December 2017TeleTattooTerrific search tool! Use it nearly everyday.$15.00 USD
17 December 2017SHI WenhaoThank you for making Everything.$10.00 USD
16 December 2017David AngalAs always, your programming is immaculate. Thank you so much. This program is indispensable to me.$25.00 USD
15 December 2017MartinReally good!$5.00 USD
15 December 2017WilliamVery helpful. Thanks$5.00 USD
13 December 2017xevi00Great tool! It saves me a lot of time every day. Thank you$15.00 USD
13 December 2017RobI've been using this tool for years. Don't know how I would get along without it. Thank you!$20.00 USD
12 December 2017JackI bought your program to find files fast so I could delete older forms of files. It quickly finds files. Excellent for my purpose.$15.00 USD
12 December 2017Peter Young`Damn fine search tool. Knocks spots off of Windows.$15.00 USD
10 December 2017Obiwan KennedyJust lacks a few features (like selection of folders indexed - or not -) but despite this a mandatory tool.$15.00 USD
8 December 2017Kai$5.00 USD
8 December 2017Rudy (Italy)congratulation$2.00 USD
8 December 2017JoyThank you David, one of my most useful software discoveries.$10.00 USD
8 December 2017TeeserMany thanks, a brilliant utility. Now if you'd only do the same for Mac life would be perfect!$10.00 USD
7 December 2017Hans$10.00 USD
7 December 2017GerryExcellent software, wish I could donate more.$10.00 USD
7 December 2017AnonymousI love EVERYTHING thanks for your GREAT Program$10.00 USD
6 December 2017Phil BIndispensable!! Thanks so much, David! I feel bad for not having donated earlier, but better late than never.$10.00 USD
6 December 2017garyExcellent tool! Small but powerful!$10.00 USD
4 December 2017DimitriosHands down, my favorite utility program. Should really become integrate into Windows. Great work!$5.00 USD
4 December 2017Scr3amerThanks for this useful tool ! Keep it up. Cheers :)$2.00 USD
3 December 2017PeterThank you for your efforts. Fast, free, elegant.$5.00 USD
3 December 2017ModfireThank You David for making this Program! I use it all the time!$10.00 USD
2 December 2017Gert-JanThanks - I use this tool nearly every day.$7.50 USD
1 December 2017jimwhat a great program. it's amazing how easy it is to use and how much better it is than window's search. i use it quite often and the options are excellent.$10.00 USD
1 December 2017Chris RichardThe donation is small, but I think I've donated every time I've installed the software on a computer. It is useful.$5.00 USD
29 November 2017LewieWow, this is so fast and easy! So much faster than windows 'Search This PC'$2.00 USD
29 November 2017John$5.00 USD
27 November 2017SteiniBrilliant software! Use it every day, please keep it up :)$5.00 USD
26 November 2017EddoXThis is a comprehensive tool. Sure glad to have an excellent alternative to Windows Search.$12.00 USD
25 November 2017AnonymousEverything is the most used app on my PC. Absolutely the most useful piece of freeware ever. Please implement multiple sessions, i need 5X more searches at once :)$10.00 USD
25 November 2017Gerry$10.00 USD
25 November 2017Rein de JongSnel, slim en werkt goed samen met Total Commander$5.55 USD
24 November 2017Fabio from ItalyIt works perfect.$10.00 USD
23 November 2017FrancisA wonderful bit of software that helps me do Everything's thing.$20.00 USD
23 November 2017Jimmy Young$30.00 USD
20 November 2017Gunther from Down UnderWould be lost without it. Used many times a day.$50.00 USD
20 November 2017Harold NoffkeGreat improvements to line and column selection launch (e.g. clicking on Path column now opens to the Path address).$25.00 USD
19 November 2017AnonymousKeep up the good work!$5.00 USD
19 November 2017Gary in Oregonsuch an improvement in the Microsoft version. Thanks !$20.00 USD
18 November 2017Rafael RojasGreat tool. I use it daily.$10.00 USD
16 November 2017RayEI agree with the earlier comment "Fabulous application. MS should pay you a fortune for implementing such a tool". Thank you for creating such a great tool$15.00 USD
16 November 2017MatthiasGreat Tools. I love it :-)$10.00 USD
14 November 2017Harold MMost useful search program: fast, configurable, and with a small memory footprint.$5.00 USD
14 November 2017VJHNEVER fails me, can find ANY file by partial word, file name, type, date -- any sorting criteria you need. I've lost files I thought I'd never find. Everything is accurate, simple and FREE! Tx!$10.00 USD
12 November 2017FrankYFabulous application. MS should pay you a fortune for implementing such a tool.$10.00 USD
12 November 2017Evgeny YudinThank you, super program$1.00 USD
11 November 2017MumrikThank you so much for this well done, outstanding masterpiece of a true Win systool that enables some kind of low level access techniques even for the average customer. $2.50 USD
10 November 2017Boris SteinmetzGreat Tool! Keep up the good work :-)$3.00 USD
8 November 2017waquGood program$2.00 USD
8 November 2017Clover LuoGreat,very good! Thank you for developing useful tool, keep moving!$1.00 USD
8 November 2017John KaminskiI use it all the time. It takes the load off my 66 year old brain since I no longer have to remember exactly where I saved something. I just discovered the size function today and will be exploring.$10.00 USD
5 November 2017mabrownmabEverything is Awesome (I think lego stole this phrase from you..)$5.00 USD
5 November 2017bontaskExcellent work David! Please make a deduper!$10.00 USD
3 November 2017MerlinFrickin awesome$5.00 USD
3 November 2017Janek MilewskiMerci pour cet outil sur-puissant$5.00 USD
1 November 2017何山涛感谢软件作者的努力。$10.00 USD
1 November 2017AnonymousUsing it constantly since forever.$10.00 USD
1 November 2017PSIKYOThank you very much, this application helps me a lot!$10.00 USD
31 October 2017Carmelo C.From Italy Grazie...$10.00 USD
31 October 2017Mike P.Thank you David for such a useful application and giving to the PC community.$10.00 USD
31 October 2017MichaelThanks - I use this tool nearly every day.$10.00 USD
30 October 2017MarcUsefull tool$9.20 USD
29 October 2017mahouthanks for the software$10.00 USD
29 October 2017Mike BreidingThe most handy file finder/manager I have used. Quick and nimble and easy to configure. WV-Mike www.EpicRoadTrips.us $10.00 USD
28 October 2017JeffHi i ve been using everything for a very long time and recommend it to my friends and my colleagues. thanks for developing this tool.$5.00 USD
25 October 2017AnonymousThank you great product$10.00 USD
22 October 2017David Bowen-JonesWell done again$10.00 USD
22 October 2017AnonymousThank you, for making this fantastic tool free.$10.00 USD
21 October 2017Roland Gasser (gaessu)Thank you very much for this wonderful program! I use it with Total Commander, IrfanView and Universal Viewer. Please continue developing "Everything". :-)$8.00 USD
21 October 2017~jimLove your little program. Thanks!$5.00 USD
20 October 2017NickThanks David, Fantastic tool. Been using it for about 10 years, Every computer should have this built in. Thanks again for all you do and your quick support and of course for making it free!!!$10.00 USD
19 October 2017Rick Georgeshttp://futurelawyer.typepad.com/futurelawyer/2017/10/everything-search-your-computer-instantly.html This little tool is essential to any Windows computer. I don't say that a lot.$25.00 USD
19 October 2017DonMarvelous program. I use it daily.$20.00 USD
19 October 2017SitVery good tool. Thank for do it.$5.00 USD
18 October 2017DavePowerful, easy to use, well designed.$25.00 USD
18 October 2017Adam McCaughanIncredible tool, definitely the most useful thing in Windows$20.00 USD
18 October 2017AttilaFantastic tool! Keep up the good work!$10.00 USD
16 October 2017José GonzálezSuch an amazing tool! I use it every day. I wish it would be integrated in Windows as default. I still don't understan how this can be so much quicker than Windows search$20.00 USD
15 October 2017AnonymousThanks, great product! Sorry couldnt contribute more; a poor grad student;)$5.00 USD
13 October 2017kun530感谢您的伟大产品,感谢伟大的程序员,开发出了这么好的产品。$5.00 USD
13 October 2017JimmyAll but indispensable! Love it!$5.00 USD
9 October 2017刘恒柏用了一段时间,非常好用,感谢默默奉献的程序编写者!$10.00 USD
9 October 2017ChrisRefreshing to have software that actually does an excellent job with no malware, nice and clean. Good job team. When are you coming up with something else??$10.00 USD
9 October 2017Matt YThanks! I use this software 20 times a day. Would not be able to get work done without it!$55.00 USD
9 October 2017SamyAwesome program. Thanks David$20.00 USD
8 October 2017AnonymousThank you.Excellent tool$25.00 USD
8 October 2017WolfgangBFantastic software!$25.00 USD
7 October 2017WillyKThe best search tool I've ever used! It'll find INTELLIGENTLY anything matching you search tag anywhere on your machine in a matter of milliseconds, and it doesn't eat any system resources. Thank you!$50.00 USD
5 October 2017Kurt PochertAn absolutely great search program! Many thanks.$10.00 USD
5 October 2017OmarThank you.$5.00 USD
5 October 2017OLD AUDIOWow! An impressive application. Does Windows Search really search?$10.00 USD
5 October 2017AnonymousWOW! This thing makes Win10's search look SOOOOO pathetic, both in speed and thoroughness! Win10 Search and More.. functions often skip files which I KNOW exist and meet my search criteria.$25.00 USD
5 October 2017Paolovery useful$20.00 USD
3 October 2017DebbieI only wish that I had found this sooner! The advanced search was just what I needed.$15.00 USD
3 October 2017bjfogReally impressive! It just works.$20.00 USD
3 October 2017EnricoFew tools feel as essential as Everything does and so quickly after installing it! Great tool: useful, robust and fast! Thank you!$30.00 USD
2 October 2017Oliver KastlGreat Software!$10.00 USD
1 October 2017petermadI use 'Everything' ih combination with 'Total Commander'. I hope they will continue to stay compatible.$10.00 USD
1 October 2017zenter performacegood software$5.00 USD
30 September 2017Nikolay Hidalgo DiazThanks for awesome tool! I use it a lot in regular and hobbyy work, it's extremely useful.$15.00 USD
30 September 2017RealWOndeful software$20.00 USD
30 September 2017TymReally?? When I think of all the time I've wasted in the past waiting for various file finder programs to spit out the results of searches, I can only wish that I found this program earlier!$20.00 USD
29 September 2017AnonymousReally speed up things!$10.00 USD
28 September 2017AlessandroThanks for this awesome searching tool.$5.00 USD
28 September 2017George TWell done. Very efficient and very useful program. Putting Microsoft to shame$10.00 USD
27 September 2017Jason Chou感谢给开发这么棒的产品!$5.00 USD
26 September 2017Charles BeardThanks for saving so much time!$5.00 USD
26 September 2017altikakaExcellent app and f-a-s-t !!! Really useful for removing 'stragglers' after a "complete uninstall". I keep coming back to it.$7.00 USD
25 September 2017홍기�Best searching program$10.00 USD
24 September 2017DennisGreat program for windows.$5.00 USD
24 September 2017WeamAmazing program. Really appreciated. I would've loved if there is a folder preview feature instead of open each folder individually to see the contents. Thank you very much.$5.00 USD
23 September 2017JohnI can't even understand this is not part of Windows. Anyway, thanks for saving us all time$10.00 USD
23 September 2017Reinhard K.Das ist das wichtigste Programm im ganzen Windows! Auf meinen Platten sind ca. 1.5 Mio Dateien, und mit Everything finde ich in Sekunden was ich brauche. Endlich kein herumgeklicke mehr.$20.00 USD
22 September 2017Mike LI've just been using it for 10 minutes and know that it has everything I need. This one is a keeper!$20.00 USD
22 September 2017Le Ha PhuongExcellent tools for windows user.$10.00 USD
21 September 2017Riaz A.Excellent utility.$10.00 USD
21 September 2017Bob ToweryVery fine product, David. Thanks for your effort.$10.00 USD
20 September 2017ahmadmobThanks a lot for this great app! :)$1.00 USD
17 September 2017arturo martinezexcellent software and very usefull$10.00 USD
17 September 2017Buck CFast, flexible, and FREE! Best way I've ever found to search Windows.$5.00 USD
17 September 2017Mike GouldingThanks for a wonderful, helpful program. Only MS could be stupid enough not to have built this into Windows.$10.00 USD
17 September 2017RePaoHold on excelent work, many thank's$15.00 USD
17 September 2017zhu hongbing from SingaporeVery great tools. One question, If I install everything, which service else (index?) can I disable to speed up the system?$5.55 USD
15 September 2017Heiko MlodystachThe best tool since sliced bread! Loving everything about it.$5.00 USD
15 September 2017Brian AThanks!!! Everything saved my life. Windows 10 search SUCKS!!!$25.00 USD
12 September 2017Curbstone CorporationHighly recommended. Deploying more widely.$50.00 USD
12 September 2017Don VallyThis is really useful software and worth supporting! Thank you for your efforts, it appears that many users find your software helpful. Without great people like you, we would all be lost.$10.00 USD
10 September 2017macenalExcelente programa. Lo más rápido y estable para encontrar cualquier archivo en el PC y discos externos. Esto sí que es ahorrar tiempo! Muy agradecido a los desarrolladores!!$2.00 USD
8 September 2017tormodThe fastest there is, glad to finally donate!$30.00 USD
5 September 2017pjcampFinally remembered to donate.$15.00 USD
4 September 2017LALike a Corvette engine in an aluminum 2-seater$20.00 USD
4 September 2017Harry HimmelreichI have used other paid software and Everything is the best. Very fast and easy to use. $15.00 USD
4 September 2017Walt DanielsYou program have been a great help to me, finding my files in W10! Thanks !$10.00 USD
3 September 2017kstecGreat product!$10.00 USD
3 September 2017PikardeUsed it for a while and I love it and recommend it to everyone!$20.00 USD
2 September 2017runappHave been using it for long. Time for appreciating.$5.00 USD
26 August 2017RenéExcellent programme, très utile!$30.00 USD
26 August 2017Dave GarnerVery fast and usefull$3.00 USD
25 August 2017tungnt115@gmail.comCám ơn các bạn ! Chương trình thật tuyệt vời.$1.00 USD
24 August 2017dolmanpeteOPPS downloaded w/o donating tsk tsk$15.00 USD
24 August 2017MarkBrilliant app$5.00 USD
22 August 2017MichelTHanks for your quick support answers :)$5.00 USD
21 August 2017rvaSearch as it's meant to be. Logic, clean and simple. I would love to see Everything replace Cortana.$3.77 USD
21 August 2017NelisExcellent tool! The time this saves me on a daily basis is incredible.$25.00 USD
21 August 2017TommygunOK, after trying organize my NAS storage, I ended up with huge directories of docs and pics. Trying to find stuff became impossible, and Windows search took forever! Until this program. Awesome!!$25.00 USD
19 August 2017UlfI use Everything at home and at work. It's fast and so incredibly helpful in my day to day work.$8.00 USD
18 August 2017Herve MathisDid try yet, but heard a lot of good comment.$2.00 USD
18 August 2017LorenzThanks for the great work!$5.00 USD
15 August 2017MarcinInsanely useful and simple to use. Huge time saved looking for stuff stored all over the network.$20.00 USD
15 August 2017stdedosWe've been talking a lot in the debugging section. I think it's time to show a small token of gratitude. :)$10.00 USD
15 August 2017IgorI agree with everything said below. Little marvel I use all day & every day. Windows permissions workaround would be nice.$10.00 USD
14 August 2017dolmanpeteI think there is a real need for a tool that could trace down where the permissions for the unwanted users like trusted installer etc. are coming from. Windows hides this info for the hackers$20.00 USD
13 August 2017ozone333Great Tool, I've been using it for years! Thank you!$10.00 USD
11 August 2017NotwallyYou are my Everything! If you are reading this and wondering if Everything is any good, does it work, do you need it, the answer is YES! Get it! Easy,Intuitive, Totally Inclusive.Finds Your Files!!! $10.00 USD
11 August 2017JoshGreat Tool! Thanks!$10.00 USD
11 August 2017wofboxGreat job !!. Looking for similar tool for long time !! Most logical required functionalities have been planned. Thanks. $20.00 USD
10 August 2017Dan AtkinsonIndescribably fast and easy to use. A 'must have' install and among one of the first things I install on any computer.$10.00 USD
9 August 2017Brian ErnstI've been using this almost everyday for several years in game development. I have "Everything" listed on my website as highly recommended software.$20.00 USD
9 August 2017Greg SnowI think I contributed ages ago. But I love this software so much I really should pay on a yearly sub. Thank you!$5.00 USD
8 August 2017GED I can't begin to say how good it is to find the the files i mispalce regularly, and it is so easy to use that I use it to find files which I haven't even lost.$10.00 USD
8 August 2017K.B.I have used Everything Search daily for 7 years. Slick doesn't begin to describe it. Thank You!$50.00 USD
8 August 2017Tony BorgDavid, thank you for such a good and useful program. Full marks from me!$10.00 USD
7 August 2017AnonymousSuch a great tool. Superb. Thank you so much.$8.00 USD
5 August 2017lutaf很好用的软件,为此把3台mac 装上了windows$10.00 USD
5 August 2017AnonymousDisable Windows search. Install Everything search. Win$15.00 USD
4 August 2017Peter GrashoffCannot use Windows without it. Instant access to a list of all your files is a must have!$10.00 USD
4 August 2017AnonymousLove "everything" - wonderfully useful.$3.00 USD
3 August 2017Shawn GaulAwwwwwwwesome! I think I just fall in love with this software!!! Great job! $5.00 USD
3 August 2017Harry GoddenWat$5.00 USD
3 August 2017henry castroexcelente!!!!$10.00 USD
3 August 2017Tim KrafcikIndispensable! Use it every day.$11.00 USD
2 August 2017Jacques Amar30 years of using PCs and first time I can really search all my drives. Fast! Thanks$10.00 USD
2 August 2017Sheng.laogood search in win10$2.00 USD
2 August 2017Harsha VDiscovered Everything a couple of months ago, and it has been indispensable since. Thanks!$20.00 USD
1 August 2017divenexFantastic program. I have tried every alternative, but nothing matches Everything! Absolutely essential in my workflow.$10.00 USD
1 August 2017wazzup-serviceSehr gut, spart richtig zeit un nerven:-)$10.00 USD
1 August 2017Prabal KarA very useful tool. I decided to donate when I realised the impact and time saving I derived from it. Great work.$10.00 USD
31 July 2017Bruce ReedCan't live without Everything!$10.00 USD
28 July 2017ShyamThis is the single most indispensable tool on Windows. I cannot possibly overstate just how much time and effort it has saved me, over the past year.$15.00 USD
28 July 2017MeikBest and fastest search-tool! I love it! Thank you for that amazing little freeware. Take my money.. and get sunshine from germany ;-)$15.00 USD
26 July 2017GabrielUn programma veramente eccezionale che risolve l'incubo della ricerca su windows nelle ultime versioni. Sono veramente riconoscente.$15.00 USD
26 July 2017Paul EmGreat tool! Thanks, David!$5.00 USD
25 July 2017TomSuch an awesome tool - utterly indispensable! Thank you!$20.00 USD
25 July 2017Miguel$19.00 USD
25 July 2017Kyle秒杀WIN自带搜索100条街 简直是神器 谢谢作者! thanks for the app save lots of time!$1.00 USD
24 July 2017Nesterenko OleksiiThank you for good program !$1.00 USD
24 July 2017ShaneExceptional Tool. This is an essential piece of software for Windows. Thank you for supporting it for all of these years!$10.00 USD
24 July 2017Anonymouswhat a great tool . Thank you David !$50.00 USD
24 July 2017Jacques$10.00 USD
23 July 2017Anonymousthanks for magnificent software$3.00 USD
23 July 2017Harold HackmanThanks for a great utility! It's worth a lot more than I can afford, but here's the donation.$10.00 USD
23 July 2017BDCan't live without it! Thank you, and keep up the great updates.$15.00 USD
22 July 2017Taff RiversDi awn! Very fast indeed.$10.00 USD
19 July 2017Anonymous � �말 잘사용하� 있습니다 언� �나 감사하� 오랫도록 함께 했으면 합니�$5.00 USD
19 July 2017jmsImpossible to do a good job without your software! Thks$10.00 USD
19 July 2017Arthur HebertWorks so far. Windows search doesn't.$5.00 USD
17 July 2017Ian McIntoshUnbelievably fast search, probably faster than my Mac Pro. Anyone not using this with Win 10 needs help. Thank you. Ian$20.00 USD
15 July 2017Karim T.Long time user, long time fan. All have been said before. June 7th release is magnificent. Un tout grand merci a toi David pour le taff.$29.99 USD
13 July 2017陆志挺不错的小软件,莫名其妙想支持一下作者$5.00 USD
12 July 2017mosezhaoThank you ! That's all!$5.00 USD
12 July 2017RobThank you for making this software the Windows 7 search sucks and your program works amazing, keep up the good work.!$20.00 USD
11 July 2017kevothecloneI discovered Everything by accident and am now very happy that I did. I didn't think I would like/need it; I was looking for file content indexing, but now I can't live without it. Thank you!!!$50.00 USD
11 July 2017Steven S.Thank you for providing this exceptional tool.$5.00 USD
11 July 2017villain222Probably the most useful program I've ever used. Real quick search that works. I wish you had a Linux port of this.$20.00 USD
10 July 2017AnonymousGOOD SOFTWARE$5.00 USD
10 July 2017Chris WEVERYTHING said below, and thank you!$10.00 USD
10 July 2017rob samazing. tried everything to make windows 10 index search & cortina work well for a very long time. your program did what they couldn't, literally within seconds of installing "everything". thank you!$20.00 USD
10 July 2017TiagoÓtimo programa. Adianta meu trabalho em várias horas, muito obrigado.$3.00 USD
8 July 2017ClintonToday is my birthday, and its time to give something back, I love Everything and use it several times per day and it just works too - thanks for creating a brilliant free app.$10.00 USD
8 July 2017Henok GirmaIndispensable, keep up the good work!$50.00 USD
8 July 2017RuslanThanks for many hours saved!$15.00 USD
6 July 2017PhilWRecent Windows convert (from Mac) - this software is brilliant!$20.00 USD
5 July 2017Longxiao ZhangUnbelievable fast on Windows. I can almost put my documents anywhere I like and bring it up with Everything search dialog next time I want it. Definitively a must-have software on Windows platform.$3.00 USD
4 July 2017LindsayThank you for this terrific program.$5.00 USD
4 July 2017KimBrilliant and effective tool!$5.00 USD
4 July 2017LarsI love your tool. I use it every day.$5.00 USD
4 July 2017Ray HuangNew version supported UNC searing , Very useful tool and love this !! Thank you !!$10.00 USD
4 July 2017Yossi BarIt's absolutely perfect software!$15.00 USD
29 June 2017WillemVerbazend goed programmaatje$5.00 USD
29 June 2017Guido BaggioliGuys, you did an outstanding job, very heplful, thanks$20.00 USD
29 June 2017AnonymousGreat lightweight tool with all of the features! Love all of the options, thank you$10.00 USD
27 June 2017BlazejGreat work, thanks for maintaining Everything. It has changed the way I name, organise and, obviously, find files. You've essentially created a new model for using a personal computer. Indispensable.$5.00 USD
25 June 2017はるIt is the fastest, the best program. Thank you very much. We wish you continued success in contributing to the development of a wonderful program.$5.00 USD
23 June 2017OFMBrilliant and effective tool.$20.00 USD
22 June 2017Bob RoosWOW, great improvements. Truly the most important program in my toolkit. Thanks I 2nd,3rd, 4th, Nth this request: ..choose an entry in the Path column and click 'Paste'.(want)$20.00 USD
22 June 2017ag0044 (Aus)Straightforward. Simple. Effective. Good. Very good. Many thanks$20.00 AUD
22 June 2017PeterThe BEST program for search EVER!!!$5.00 USD
21 June 2017RickMy Favorite tool. Yahoo Date Modified!! I would love to be able to right click in the Name column and choose 'Copy' (can do now) and then choose an entry in the Path column and click 'Paste'.(want)$20.00 USD
21 June 2017Elaine MillerI've been using this app every minute of my computing life. Its always been almost perfect, and now that you have added the ability to view as thumbnails, it's actually code perfection. Thank you!$20.00 USD
21 June 2017Anonymous$10.00 USD
20 June 2017MikeThis project is awesome, but probably won't save humanity. Then again, it might save humanity. One can never tell.$25.00 USD
20 June 2017philipdkthis is the best thing since sliced bread$15.00 USD
20 June 2017Anonymous$10.00 USD
19 June 2017Anonymous$10.00 USD
19 June 2017Anonymous$10.00 USD
19 June 2017Ted ShawGreat program! It is so, so fast.$20.00 USD
19 June 2017Garry RadfordGreat Idea.. Have not used it yet to see how well this works...$20.00 USD
18 June 2017B Jonesincredible tool$20.00 USD
18 June 2017JohnThank you for the awesome app! Much better than the expensive garbage Microsoft spews forth.$10.00 USD
17 June 2017ClaudeThank you for a great utility. Been using it for a long time and saved my bacon more than a few times.$10.00 USD
17 June 2017Curtis RobinsonAwesome product just got better. Thank you for adding 'Date Modified' indexing! That was the one feature that was lacking and is a big convenience for me.$20.00 USD
17 June 2017袁磊每天都在使用,感觉这辈子离不开了,谢谢作者$10.00 USD
16 June 2017Ralf KammererFast and good Software that is in use daily. Thank you.$10.00 USD
16 June 2017David WongI use this every day and I tell everyone that I work with about it.$20.00 USD
16 June 2017Will SprunkThanks for your efforts! I'm totally addicted to Everything.$10.00 USD
16 June 2017ChrisUse this almost every day. And love that it's actively worked on, too!$50.00 USD
15 June 2017Arsenio LupínGracias. Simplemente eso. Uso tu programa en varias de mis máquinas, es uno de los "indispensables". En todas ellas lo tengo configurado al apretar Ctrl+F. Lo recomiendo a todo el mundo.$5.00 USD
15 June 2017GaspardBeen lost since Win XP - Vista and 7 and up seach sucked. But then I found Everything! Really impressive software, thanks alot!$10.00 USD
15 June 2017SrikanthVery nice & powerful application. Keep doing good work$20.00 USD
15 June 2017Manoj Keswanigreat fantastic$1.00 USD
15 June 2017Nick$10.00 USD
15 June 2017GeoNomadMy computer life would not be the same without Everything. It is my main method of getting to most every document I use. It means EVERYTHING to me. Thanks for the update. Here is another donation!$20.00 USD
15 June 2017JCloughThis tool is amazing and a central part of my work flow.$10.00 USD
15 June 2017Harry$10.00 USD
15 June 2017ddaytonAfter multiple years of use, Everything continues to the most used utility on my computer - THANKS! Here is another donation for the new version.$25.00 USD
15 June 2017Michael RobinThanks for everything :) Wish-list for preview window: - Formatted json & xml - properties view (dir info / dll/exe exports info, editable file permissions) - binary hex view - "strings" view$20.00 USD
14 June 2017Jim YanacekThanks for Search Everything. It found two three year old files I needed that were on external drives very quickly.$25.00 USD
14 June 2017MarkusVery good software, hope this helps for development of the best search-tool.$20.00 USD
14 June 2017Think of Me as Anyone who Uses Everything or Asks a QuestionI use this daily. I seriously do not know how I'd find my mess of files without your brilliant tool that does one thing perfectly. I always try to, when appropriate, push your tool on forums. Thanks!$10.00 USD
14 June 2017Aihamit's as important as windows OS is for me.$5.00 USD
13 June 2017Michael Johnson$5.00 USD
13 June 2017JoyceRDavid, I use Everything more than anything else!!LOL! I love the thumbnails- pure genius! Tha nks so much!$10.00 USD
13 June 2017Terry LarawayReally great program, use it all the time, every day. Saves me hours a week. Thanks$5.00 USD
13 June 2017Chris A.I've been using this app for YEARS now and it makes my day so much more productive.$50.00 USD
13 June 2017Justin Wayne$10.00 USD
12 June 2017AnonymousSeriously, I've used this for years now.. it gets better and more amazing each update. I can now search my NAS network storage in v$6.00 USD
12 June 2017SusanCan't believe I have only just learned about this great program. So handy!$5.00 USD
12 June 2017MikeDavid, I LOVE your Everything software!!! Thank you so much for it!$10.00 USD
12 June 2017Fred McGreat program, use it many times a day...Thanks 😉$15.00 USD
11 June 2017AnonymousBetter than everything Microsoft ever provided. Great work!$20.00 USD
11 June 2017WimBen blij met de nederlandse vertaling. Perfect programma.$10.00 USD
11 June 2017BootsmannFor me it's one of the greatest little tools ever! Thank you so much$10.00 USD
11 June 2017JOSSBThanks for this great project and continuous improvements !$50.00 USD
11 June 2017AnonymousI use Everything heavily on a daily basis because I love instant search. Thank you so much for such a truly great piece of software. The ease of configuring advanced settings is truly marvelous :)$50.00 USD
11 June 2017JinksFastest Way To Search Bar None$10.00 USD
11 June 2017EyalIt's surprising that this isn't standard in operating systems.$10.00 USD
10 June 2017Tecnocar Alberto Onoriottimo softwar grazie$10.00 USD
10 June 2017MeThanks for the update!!!!$44.44 USD
10 June 2017shunk380Amazing tool.$20.00 USD
10 June 2017JogoThis program has earned the honor of being pinned to my taskbar in position #1, where Win-1 brings it to action.$5.00 USD
10 June 2017undefinednocomment$10.00 USD
9 June 2017MaxGreat tool, David, thank you.$5.00 USD
9 June 2017TomThank you so much for this app. After years of daily use I feel bad not donating more!$5.00 USD
9 June 2017Jonez1Searching for lost files in my filesystem was never so easy. Thank you for Everything.$19.81 USD
9 June 2017ChevyzEXCELLENT program, please keep up the good work!$25.00 USD
9 June 2017XBExcellent tool. Keep up the great work!$20.00 USD
9 June 2017Jim MThis ought to be built into Windows but it's not so I'm glad David stepped up to fill the void.$5.00 USD
9 June 2017AFEs un programa excelente. Lo uso desde hace años. El mejor buscador/indexador de archivos que conozco. Me ha salvado incontables veces, permitiendome encontrar archivos que creía perdidos. Graci$20.00 USD
9 June 2017CHIt's been almost 3 years since I donated. I use this program every day and it's indispensable! Thank you for maintaining it.$25.00 USD
9 June 2017Gordon SchochetA truly wonderful and must-have program. Nothing else makes files -- especially data -- so transparently and readily accessible. You put Explorer's search feature to shame.$25.00 USD
9 June 2017john 'CrazyOnLookER' hamiltonAbout perfect, and I am over the moon pleased when I see a new update ...$20.00 USD
9 June 2017Mitchell MebaneThanks for fixing the removable drive locking issue!$5.00 USD
9 June 2017PatrickI recommend Everything to every Windows user I know$5.00 USD
9 June 2017DIS-GermanyEverything is the best search program i found in the last years.$15.00 USD
9 June 2017J. BalamutExcellent program! I use it to locate books among several Calibre databases.$25.00 USD
9 June 2017systemengineerTime to donate because I am defendant and addicted to this fantastic product.$20.00 USD
9 June 2017Mario P.David, Thank you for this wonderful software$25.00 USD
9 June 2017WDDTThere are 3 programs I can't do without and this is 1/3 of them!$25.00 USD
8 June 2017ksiualmost perfect$10.00 USD
8 June 2017PostToasterFollowing up previous donations - thanks again for this great tool.$5.00 USD
8 June 2017Mick GAwesome work as usual mate :)$10.00 USD
8 June 2017MasonFantastic tool! And 64-bit! Portable is great for corporate users without admin rights. My alter-ego thanks you!$20.00 USD
8 June 2017Andrew RowsellHi David, I just want to say thank you so much for Everything. It constantly astounds me on how fast and effective it is and helps me manage my ever growing numbers of files. Seriously good.$30.00 USD
8 June 2017Jack StrawNice Product - really helps, many thanks$25.00 USD
8 June 2017Craig SFor me, Everything is everything. (Sorry, couldn't resist - and sorry, I know it's not that original.) I just find it indispensable. Keep up the great work.$15.00 USD
8 June 2017J.T. Brown IIILove this irreplaceable utility. Beats the pants off of the built in Windows search! Thanks for all of your hard detailed work in building and refining this! -JT$5.00 USD
8 June 2017Jon WellsVery best of its kind. Indispensable.$25.00 USD
8 June 2017DennisBest Search Program Ever! Thank You.$25.00 USD
8 June 2017gmrNew version a big improvement :-D I use it almost daily.$10.00 USD
8 June 2017Keith SheasleyExtraordinary piece of software - even more so with the 1.4 update. This is always the first thing I add to a new computer. Thank you for making it available. So glad it's still in development.$10.00 USD
8 June 2017wavemopOne of the most important tools for PC. Indispensable and works perfect. Now ( "even greater" ;) "Only" a small DB-Software but MS isn't able to do right in decades o_O Today (again) 5$5.00 USD
8 June 2017Michael L Bates$20.00 USD
8 June 2017Maurice AzurdiaYour program has been my savior for a decade, since Microsoft didn't include anything even close to it in their operating systems. They should pay you millions to include your programs in theirs.$20.00 USD
8 June 2017drbrThx.$5.00 USD
8 June 2017Alessandro C.Great software$10.00 USD
8 June 2017Jim DunnWow, you've now made EVERYTHING even MORE incredible!!! I depend on it every day. I can't imagine using a PC without it! Thank you so much for making it free to use, BRAVO!!! : )$25.00 USD
8 June 2017Konstantin ErmanI'm so glad you are back and the project is alive! Everything is the best tool for the purpose (I tried many) and I wish it stay in a good health!$20.00 USD
8 June 2017Jim CollinsKeep up the great work. Thanks for the great support.$20.00 USD
8 June 2017Jim GoodwinNice piece of kit! :-))$10.00 USD
8 June 2017David AngalTHANK YOU SO MUCH for Everything! It's my most-valued utility, installed ASAP on my new computers. I used to have elaborate file-folder naming & categorization schemes. No more! Don't need them.$30.00 USD
8 June 2017Fredy RodriguezThis is the best search tool ever created. Keep doing good work.$10.00 USD
8 June 2017xieyiVery easy to use,and hope better and better$5.00 USD
8 June 2017johnCongratulations on the new version. Seems like a good excuse to donate again :-) Thanks for an indispensable tool!$15.00 USD
8 June 2017ADI've been using Everything for 3-4 years now. I absolutely love it. I tried manyother indexing programs but Everything is best. Thanks for not bugging for a "pro" version. Thank you for great app!$25.00 USD
8 June 2017BisoTronicI can't figure out how people could have lived before this tool, as well as I can't figure out how people could still live without it. Utmost utility, priceless job.$20.00 USD
8 June 2017Al DowdleThank you so much for Everything. I use it daily and I would not even guess how much time it saves me. I have taken to basically naming my files with key words so Everything can find them for me.$20.00 USD
8 June 2017Michel NicoletGreat powerful tool !$20.00 USD
7 June 2017Jim CarterI find Everything an indispensable tool - thanks.$10.00 USD
7 June 2017Andre (Dusseldorf)Great powerful tool that I use with great satisfaction. Finding files quickly is so essential for working!$10.00 USD
7 June 2017Jan VExcellent tool, keep up the good work!$10.00 USD
7 June 2017David GunnIncredible App. Does for my PC what Google does for the internet. So fast!! Thanks for all you work. Cheers$10.00 AUD
7 June 2017Eickhel MendozaWhen Windows Search just don't cut it. This tool is blazing fast$5.00 USD
7 June 2017SobtanianThe very first thing I install on any new PC is Everything. Before it's installed I almost don't know how to use the computer. Thanks :)$20.00 USD
7 June 2017Nikolas (England)Wonderful product, dear chap. I thought the previous version was excellent but the new version has left me gobsmacked. Suffice to say a big thank you and congratulations for a spiffing product.$20.00 USD
7 June 2017BowoThank you for this excellent piece of software!$5.00 USD
6 June 2017Anonymous+Auto complete in search Box when typing from previous searches(or anything more helpful)(like Visual Studio). +Horizontal Filters instead of Drop-down Box$1.00 USD
6 June 2017BrianGVery useful tool. I have found several thought to be lost folders. Very fast, and easy to use. $20.00 USD
6 June 2017xiaolei zhuit is a very effective tool, thanks for your good works.$5.00 USD
4 June 2017David McNeillGreat program, very effective, even on Samba shares.$30.00 USD
4 June 2017Amr E.Thanks for such a great tool!$5.00 USD
3 June 2017Winston GordonDidn't expect such a speedy response on my query.$5.00 USD
3 June 2017Shawn HallEverything, is everything the windows search is not. Thanks for this software.$35.00 USD
3 June 2017ThomGreat tool! This is what file search should be. Thanks David!$5.00 USD
1 June 2017JoeGreenEverything brought back my faith in software. As a software engineer I am really impressed by the speed and reliability of Everything.$10.00 USD
27 May 2017Justin M.I am so thoroughly impressed with the speed, efficiency and configurability of this app that I recommended to everyone at work (after spotted it in PCTechAuthority, Australia). Thank you David!$10.00 USD
27 May 2017KevinGreat program, I can't live without it now, thank you.$20.00 USD
25 May 2017Spencerthis program is amazing. advanced search especially$25.00 USD
25 May 2017Mr. WGreat! Thanks!$5.00 USD
23 May 2017Chris T.Sell this to MicroSoft.. JUST KIDDING--PLEASE DON'T! GREAT JOB.$5.00 USD
23 May 2017Samuel T.$30.00 USD
23 May 2017Andy$5.00 USD
23 May 2017Mr. XThe best software tool for the PC. Big thanks and all the best for the future David.$5.00 USD
22 May 2017Mario QuesadaI just installed it and was surprised at the speed at which I could find some files in my PC. Because it's just a few minutes since I installed it I'm not giving much for now.$5.00 USD
21 May 2017Mike SThank you!It worked when nothing else did, and it's free.$20.00 USD
20 May 2017Caleb Langsdale$10.00 USD
20 May 2017Kyle ThomasEverything is a great piece of software. There just isn't anything that compares!$5.00 USD
19 May 2017Einar LuaiThanks man!$3.00 USD
19 May 2017Alexey RomanovMany thanx!$10.00 USD
18 May 2017LuiEverything! Toward nothing?$12.00 USD
18 May 2017JoseThis is simply the best software available to search files in Windows. Period. Keep up the good work!$20.00 USD
18 May 2017AnonymousFantastic search tool. Orders of magnitude better than Windows' built-in search. Has Microsoft offered to buy you out yet? I'd love to see the source on GitHub for others to contribute PRs. :)$5.00 USD
17 May 2017Bob RawdingNice search engine / fast-find tool. Just been using it for about five days. Great work.$10.00 USD
17 May 2017AnonymousExcellent, simple, fast tool - nice job.$30.00 USD
17 May 2017ChristianAwesome tool!$10.00 USD
16 May 2017Thomas It is such a great tool! It helps me every day to find my files on my Computer! I don't care about organizing the files on my HDD anymore because Everything finds all files :-)$10.00 USD
16 May 2017Alfred DixonInvaluable tool.$20.00 USD
16 May 2017LDI wish more software had Everything's level of instantaneity.$5.00 USD
15 May 2017jrambHave used it for 10 minutes. Convinced. Really good, well done!$5.00 USD
15 May 2017AdamThe best file search tool out there. Fast and effective.$5.00 USD
15 May 2017AlexThank you for the great tool!$10.00 USD
15 May 2017allight, quick, easy but powerfull and even sophisticate if needs, clear instructions and user guide, portable, free.. what ask more? thanx$3.00 USD
15 May 2017AnonymousReally great. It has changed the way I name files. Location tree is no longer as relevant. I put more in the file name itself.$20.00 USD
14 May 2017AnonymousThis is what file search should be.$10.00 USD
14 May 2017nkAwesome tool. Please consider code license.$20.00 USD
13 May 2017Dick, StefanI'm using this program often, but not sophisticately, thank you$20.00 USD
13 May 2017Horst Epp$15.00 USD
12 May 2017francescoThank you very much.$20.00 USD
11 May 2017BillI had been trying, in vain, to use Cortana until I found this gem$25.00 USD
8 May 2017AnonymousGreat little Program, keep it up! It's fast and great, thanks.$30.00 USD
8 May 2017AnonymousI can't thank you enough for "Everything"!$20.00 USD
7 May 2017VanThe best productive tool ever! It is on all my computers and external devices.$25.00 USD
7 May 2017AnonymousGreat program, had it authorized for use at work (FDA)$25.00 USD
5 May 2017Gustavo SanchezUse Everything every single day, it has become so essential for my computing life, I cannot imagine living without it. As soon as I use any computer, the first program I run is Everything. Thanks.$30.00 USD
4 May 2017Apiwat TreelerdmalaVery simple and very best search tool. No other search tool can compare. The regex support makes it more useful. I have use it just one month and decide to donate to support your development. Cheers!$5.00 USD
3 May 2017swissmissbestest search program ever invented!$20.00 USD
3 May 2017Pedro PicoThanks for this great tool! Amazingly fast! Thank you for Everything!$10.00 USD
2 May 2017RobinJust saved me an hour of searching for a lost photo. My first time to use everything. Not my last..$10.00 USD
30 April 2017MiguelThanks the best software to scan$12.00 USD
25 April 2017Silvia, Gamalero ALIl miglior software di ricerca. Siete grandi! Grazie!$25.00 USD
25 April 2017Jon W.A.Just about every time I use my computer I use Everything. Probably one of the most useful apps on the machine.$10.00 USD
25 April 2017Mayi SJThe best of the best. Thank you very much.$5.00 USD
25 April 2017Frans$25.00 USD
24 April 2017MichaelThanks for this great tool - keep improving it!$10.00 USD
24 April 2017Ben OxleyAmazingly fast--thanks so much!!!$5.00 USD
23 April 2017TolmanWhen I found everything years ago, I immediately disabled MS' search and never looked back! great tool. If only linux (which I'm using too) had such a great tool. Keep up the good work!$5.00 USD
23 April 2017NeilAbsolutely indispensable program. I don't know what I would do without it.$10.00 USD
22 April 2017Gerry DeChavesI wish Everybody who uses "Everything" would send you a donation. I have used this program for sometime and would be lost without it. It is one of the most useful applications in Windows.$10.00 USD
21 April 2017DDsKiNyDDVielen Dank fuer dieses geniale Programm!$50.00 USD
21 April 2017PetroThanks for this great tool.$15.00 USD
21 April 2017DaveOutstanding. Use it many times a day, couldn't get by without it.$25.00 USD
21 April 2017HeinzbeinzEines der praktischsten Tools, die mir je in die Finger gekommen sind.$10.00 USD
20 April 2017Jonathanjust .. THANKS$10.00 USD
19 April 2017VamshiMy day never goes without your tool. Very powerful tool I came across my whole career.$2.00 USD
19 April 2017Kim TWindows Search was so tedious. What a wonderful piece of software for my purposes.$10.00 USD
18 April 2017Paul MGreat tool, thank you for creating this software$10.00 USD
18 April 2017Javier MercadoGracias por este software. Es una maravilla. Lo uso diariamente, imposible pensar en busquedas sin Everything.$2.00 USD
17 April 2017Joe"Everything" has become part of my standard toolset on every machine I use. Good stuff.$10.00 USD
17 April 2017hoanganh25991Everything search is light, but really really fast to search file out. One of top programs i reinstalled when move to a new computer. Thank you.$10.00 USD
17 April 2017Glen WEverything is a superb search tool. It is an indispensable tool which I use on a regular basis. It's great to see that the author is updating it on a regular basis. Thank you David !!!$20.00 USD
15 April 2017AnonymousGreat tool. First thing I install on a new Windows OS$10.00 USD
13 April 2017Herve (France)Indispensable$10.00 USD
13 April 2017Hugh (Aus)Unbelievable piece of work - love it after 5 minutes ! It's not only very helpful & powerful, but lots of fun. I'm donating now & will be again in the future .. Well done !$10.00 USD
12 April 2017TSIGUIA JeanVery good program so that it's indispensable(for me). Today, I can't use my PC without it.$2.00 USD
11 April 2017Milind ThosarAwesome. Windows 10 & Cortana guys still not able to do this.$10.00 USD
9 April 2017Don Barrettawesome program; just what I need$20.00 USD
7 April 2017MikeFantastic tool. Indispensable.$10.00 USD
7 April 2017John Bears FirtiptonThanks$10.00 USD
6 April 2017TonyHBrilliant tool that lives on my desktop. And seeing AriK's comment about List.com brought back good memories. Every time I wonder if Everything can do something - it can!$10.00 USD
6 April 2017AriK30+ years DOS/Windows seeing tons of $$$ sji, I think this is coolest tool I've seen since List.com (1992 Vernon D. Buerg RIP). I wish Everything long life stay free tight and clean// Prtble$20.00 USD
6 April 2017Jim Garner - GroundScoutsA most impressive work. We use it all of the time to help to manage our large synced Google Drive. Keep up the good work!$20.00 USD
5 April 2017TiMIt's like being a wizard using this software.$5.00 USD
5 April 2017Broos NemanicMakes life better :)$20.00 USD
5 April 2017Alexander MannSehr gutes Tool um schnell Dateien zu finden.$5.00 USD
5 April 2017Dave TThis is the best search tool on Windows by a factor of 100. It is screaming fast and does not miss a thing! Great work!$30.00 USD
3 April 2017Айдар СитдиковThank you.Thank you.Thank you.$1.00 USD
3 April 2017Chen shihangBest search tool on Windows PC. Thanks.$1.50 USD
3 April 2017Steve SybesmaYour app is ESSENTIAL and should be on every Windows machine, in my opinion. Windows search is totally broken and nowhere near as useful as yours. Your search literally finds everything, everywhere.$5.00 USD
2 April 2017James WBest search tool I've ever used. I'm totally dependent on it now.$25.00 USD
2 April 2017EsserbMr. Carpenter, Thank$ for the Time and Sanity $aving Software that is Everything. Your labor hours have $aved exponentially more hours for your happy community of users.$25.00 USD
1 April 2017AnonymousOutstanding An everyday tool. Sorting even more stellar.$15.00 USD
1 April 2017Rami M.M.Everything's become an essential part of my desktop use.$5.00 USD
29 March 2017Wayne HartellMy X1 trial crashed and burned when I couldn't find files that I knew existed. X1 can't do partial file name searches. They tell me it's too hard to implement. Thanks for Everything!$20.00 USD
29 March 2017submagOne of the best freeware I have seen. Saves my life everyday! Thanks.$10.00 USD
29 March 2017David SLike magic - I used to spend hours looking for files. No more wasted time with Everything on the job! Thanks and keep up the great work.$10.00 USD
28 March 2017pAnuragVery Good Software$5.00 USD
28 March 2017Michael KneeboneWow, finally a tool that CAN find my files in Windows 7 (I still don't understand how 7 can't find them and Everthing does instantly! THANK YOU!$20.00 USD
27 March 2017Clyde LEvery once in a while, you find a tool that fundamentally changes the way you work with computers, and you could never go back. Everything is such a tool. Thanks and please keep up the great work.$25.00 USD
26 March 2017ChangjooEverything is absolutely useful software!.$10.00 USD
25 March 2017DHA colleague once emailed me: "Everything changed my life." I had to ask what he meant. Now, as a long-time user, I know. It's true.$11.11 USD
24 March 2017川页I've used everything for at least 5 years. It's a wonderful tool and help me a lot. Thank you!$5.00 USD
23 March 2017Tony AustinDavid, thanks for Everything. (Another small donation, but every cent helps I suppose.)$5.00 USD
22 March 2017J MillerThanks for this very useful piece of software!$10.00 USD
22 March 2017Richard ZThis is the best tool ever developed by anyone. I use it at home and at work and honestly I could not do my work anymore without this tool.$10.00 USD
22 March 2017McKay BI use this every day. I no longer hunt for files, just find them. Thanks for freeing up a big piece of my brain and my time for something else!$20.00 USD
20 March 2017Anonymousone of the essential tools for any system$20.00 USD
20 March 2017Dave LEverything has saved me many hours of frustration - so simple and fast. If only Microsoft could make software this efficient, effective, and easy to use!$20.00 USD
20 March 2017Arthur494a utility I cannot be without!$15.00 USD
19 March 2017Tom DEverything is wonderful software - by far the most useful utility on my computer. A slight disadvantage is that using any computer without it can be frustrating.$20.00 USD
19 March 2017AlexEverything is everything. :D$10.00 USD
19 March 2017Poppy TysonAs a photographer I find this so much better than serching in the Lightroom Library module and of course Windows. I do not know what I would do without it. Thank you for brilliant software.$10.00 USD
18 March 2017AnonymousDavid - I love you. You have my utmost admiration. Most useful utility I have EVER seen.$10.00 USD
18 March 2017Andre LubkeOne of those programs you miss terribly when it is not there.$10.00 USD
17 March 2017吴力为非常强悍的免费小软件,我实在受不了Windows 10的搜索功能,我就试一下Everything$2.33 USD
17 March 2017David CI use it every single day, works flawlessly$10.00 USD
17 March 2017Anonymousamazing speed$10.00 USD
16 March 2017Carl Lum'Everything' is an incredible desktop search engine. It has never failed me. Thanks for the great app!$10.00 USD
16 March 2017John SMany thanks for your continuing great effort. I have complete control over my hard drive now, both in finding "lost" files, and in moving or removing duplicate and/or sensitive files.$12.00 USD
15 March 2017AnonymousThank You for your good work!$5.00 USD
14 March 2017Venugopalan SreedharanEverything is a lifesaver. Thank you so much for making it :)$40.00 USD
14 March 2017文俊用了一段时间,非常好。 谢谢!$1.00 USD
14 March 2017Paul M$5.00 USD
12 March 2017AnonymousFabulous. Thank you.$5.00 USD
12 March 2017pashOA perfect tool! Thanks for creating it!$5.00 USD
11 March 2017Aaron WI use this thing dozens of times a day and it's perfect.$20.00 USD
8 March 2017Australia Cannabis Law ReformI love everything - If you run multiple hard drives a media server, etc the ability to search for a specific video, or as a journo to find a specific picture, or docco is amazing. It also has taught...$42.00 USD
7 March 2017AnonymousGreat software. Well written, great customization, amazing speed, wonderful functionality. Using it daily!$5.00 USD
6 March 2017Thorhallur / VefskotIts been too long since I donated to your excellent program!$10.00 USD
6 March 2017Bob JDoes a great job of sorting thru directories. Quick and easy.$10.00 USD
4 March 2017AlexeyThank you for Everything!$5.00 USD
4 March 2017AnonymousMore software should be as fast and reliable as Everything.$10.00 USD
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